Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Aha! A new shop to shop at!

Got invited to the store opening of Muji at Bonifacio High Street. It opens next week and I'm curious to see what's there. I was told Muji sells everything from clothes and accessories to furniture and food.

Typical Muji store in Japan and Hong Kong.
I wonder if the one here looks like this, too.
Note that the Japanese brand doesn't have branding. The name Muji is short for Mujirushi Ryohin or "no brand, quality products." Ah, so desu ne! Kinda like the Anonymous store we used to have years and years ago (does anyone remember that?). I used to buy a ton of stuff from Anonymous and then have fun personalizing them. I still have Anonymous stuff in my house actually. Then Anonymous closed down and so I am super duper looking forward to shopping at Muji.

What I find most interesting about Muji is its commitment to simplicity and quality. And I read that they only use sustainable raw materials and use minimal packaging so if you have to be a consumer (and aren't we all?), you're assured that your carbon footprint won't be gigantic when you buy from Muji.

For starters, I'll have to buy some gifts. Lots of birthdays coming up. OK!'s associate features editor Elaine says she wants some pens for her 18th birthday (hehe. Happy birthday, E!). Well, I'll get her Muji pens then!
 No need to throw away your pens when you finish the ink.
You can also buy gel pen refills!
I'm a sucker for pens, too, actually. I have drawers full of them. In my bag, I am never without a pen and pencil and notebook. Oh yes, notebooks. Vince and I have love affairs with notebooks (Moleskine especially! Remember my giveaway last year?) but any notebook with nice paper is heaven for me. So you can bet I'm making a bee line for Muji's stationery section next week!  
My fashion designer friend Kate will appreciate coloring pencils.
Who doesn't love notebooks? I'll definitely grab a few!
I'm hoping the prices are not too expensive. Well, the store opens on pay day, October 15, so we're bound to have a bit of cash. So I'll see y'all next week at Muji!


  1. I love Muji! I remember high school days tuloy! My mom used to buy us planners, pencils, pens, pencil cups, folders galore from that place. They had a huge store in Singapore while we were living there.I'm happy they're opening locally!

    My favorite Muji find is their mini aspirator, which is perfect for storing a travel size stash of cologne. I hope they won't be too expensive locally. Muji is already rather pricey in HK.

  2. My school notebooks are Muji and they're perfect cause they're light and thin and super cheap! And my favorite white button down shirt is from Muji. It never wrinkles! I swear I don't even iron it!

  3. And there I was thinking that my obsession with pens and notebooks was insane. I have all the notebooks and pens I need in one lifetime, but I can't seem to stop buying every now and then. Haha. I'm gonna check this store out once it opens since I work in the area (Global City) anyway. Thanks for sharing!:)

  4. I remember Anonymous! I used to find slacks that fit me really well. I always have a problem with the length in proportion to the waist -- and that's considering I'm not that tall! Anyway, Muji sounds like an interesting store. Let us know about it, please? So I know if I should make the trip to BHS :) I just hope it's not too pricey. I'm all for quality products, even if they're brandless!

  5. I so love Muji... when is it opening??? I just hope it won't be over price over here!!!

  6. Frances, I'm turning 16 pa lang kaya (Ambisyosa! Haha!) But anyhoo, super thanks in advance! Yaaay! :)

  7. i'm going too! hope to see you there!

  8. I loved Anonymous! That was my favorite shop back in college. I still have my tanks from there. Can't wait to check out Muji soon. :)


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