Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happiness is spelled like so: V-I-T-O!

At almost 10 weeks, my Vito's interacting. And not just because he's hungry-wet-sleepy. He's curious now, he looks around, listens, coos, mimics, smiles, laughs. His favorite source of amusement? His Papa!

Occasionally, he likes me, too!

To be honest, because of certain events, these past few days have felt like a nightmare. But when we see Vito, happiness just overflows. Yes, despite the disasters, life is good. Vince even dared to say, "Our life is perfect."

Vito, thank you.


  1. Vito, you have a gorgeous smile!!!! :) Mommy and daddy are definitely proud and happy! Congrats again Frances! Haven't seen you for quite some time!!!

  2. Hi Frances! :) So, its really true that babies take away the stress that we feel!! :)

    Love love love the name... I'm a big big fan of the Godfather! Hahahaha...

  3. Vito's eyes are full of expression, parang nagsasalita! Congrats for having an endless source of joy despite anything. Stay happy, F! =)

  4. your baby's so gwapo! i wish i'll have mine soon...sigh.

  5. Thanks thanks! We're in love!

    AskMeWhats, I know! Ikaw kasi, jetseeter na habang ako'y stuck-at-home mommy ehehe

    Didi! Yes, Don Vito is a hero of mine... even if he's uh, a mob boss!


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