Sunday, October 24, 2010

Behind the scenes at OK!'s staff shoot

Last week, OK! magazine had our staff shoot for the December issue. Here are a few outtakes:

Managing editor Lana still doing business while having her hair done.

Red carpet columnist J Santiago checks himself out.

Beauty editor-at-large Nicole Delos Angeles looking very svelte.

Beauty columnist Nichole Reyes-Mercado (in black) and features editor Joanna Mendoza (in purple) await their turn.
Associate features editor Elaine Natividad whiles away the time with a book.

Me. With very lifeless hair!

Vito was mesmerized by Nikki's pearls. (I am mesmerized by her luscious long wavy locks!)

I brought Vito to the shoot and everybody gushed over him. Then the makeup artist asked when I last had a good night's sleep because my eyes obviously said I haven't had any in a loooong while. Since getting pregnant, I've been sporting bloodshot eyes surrounded by fine lines and dark circles. After working on me (a long time, sad to say), the makeup artist made my eyes look like this:

Obviously, I need help in the eye department! Because all that concealer and powder just buried themselves in my wrinkles. Good thing I got this recently:

I'll start using that elixir on Monday and give you an update on my beauty blog, maybe in 2 weeks or so. But if you need more info on eye creams,  click here.

As for the OK! staff shoot, I'm sorry this post isn't as fun and detailed as my previous posts (click here, here and here). I was too busy with Vito to actually take pictures! Wow. My priorities have changed. Either that or my hands were just too full of baby to do some clicking!


  1. You are super slim and sexy na Frances :) Can't wait to see you and Vito :)

  2. what a great post-baby body you have there frances! :D i'm sure everything else is gonna go back to their beautiful state some time soon!

  3. Frances, you look awesome! I love it how pregnancy kind of "rounds off" us skinny girls in a very good way, don't you? I'm 4 lbs heavier than pre-pregnancy weight due to breastfeeding, but I love the curves. Looking at your pics, they do you VERY well!!

    Vito is adoooooorable! What a charmer. :)

  4. Hey, is Lana wearing a sequined top? Is that a pullout? I've been hunting for a fully sequined gold top for AGES!

  5. you look fab for someone who has just given birth.

  6. I think you look great, too!

    I'm dying to have Nikki's curls. My hair is naturally curly but I can't get 'em to "behave" like that! :P

  7. Wow, you're so slim kaagad! I hope the eye cream works for you, but don't forget to get some rest as well. Hugs to you & Vito!

  8. Hey thanks, ladies! I'm still sporting a Jell-O tummy though. Girdle to death ako these days!

    Tisha, I'll have Kabbie email you where she sourced it.

    Twisted, have your waves permed!

    Neuro, the eye cream is FABULOUS!!!


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