Saturday, October 30, 2010

Kate has a music video

When God made Kate Torralba and Rajo Laurel, He sprinkled extra talent on these two fashion designers, that's for sure! Not only are they two of the most celebrated designers in the country, they also sing! Check out the music video they made for Paperdolls and Wharton.

It's so cool. Kate and Rajo really hammed it up! The models, who look like they take Lipofuze religiously, definitely have that 60s vibe going. Now I always knew Kate can sing (she always sings at weddings and she has gigs at bars almost every week) but Rajo is a surprise! I was most entertained.

If you want to see the collection Kate designed for Paperdolls, click here and here!


  1. that was so fun! I'm going to watch it again:p

  2. This seemed like the most fun PFW show ever, I feel bad not having been able to go. The two of them are so cute, really :) And I like KT's collection, too.

  3. Ang cute ni Rajo! I didn't know he could sing :) And, it never ceases to amaze me how Kate's tiny frame could house such a powerful voice (from the wedding, remember?).

  4. So cute! And you're right, Rajo can sing! Ang lamig sa tenga ng voice niya. And is that Jun Sabayton I spy in the video? Hi Jun!


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