Sunday, October 17, 2010

Muji weekend

I was invited to the media event for Muji's opening this week but I didn't go (this week was extremely stressful but I'll save that story for another post). However, since Vince's niece, Elizabeth, is celebrating her 9th birthday, we figured we'd shop at the city's hottest new store.

Well, a ton of people had the same idea.

Sooo many items for sale. School and office supplies, home accessories, clothes... lotsa lotsa goodies.

The line at the cashier snaked around half the store but everyone patiently waited. The shop crew--bless them--distributed bottles of water to the people lined up.

At the end of the line you can grab some canvas bags and personalize them yourself (these photos from Chuvaness) with rubber stamps. Very cool!

Vince and I bought tealight candles (cheaper than Rustan's), a pencil sharpener, watercolor pencils, a multi-colored pen, a memory foam pillow (absolutely the best find at Muji!) and--of course!--Elizabeth's birthday gift: colored markers and a make-it-yourself puzzle board. 

And here's my letter to the birthday girl:

She said she liked it! But that she didn't know what to draw. Well, E, I'm sure whatever you do decide on, it will be fabulous.

Muji is at Bonifacio High Street, above Gap, across Fully Booked.


  1. We got a bunch of their colored pencils at the event for free.:) Wheee!

  2. oh gosh... i want one of those. i'm not sure if i need it, or what ill do with it, but i want one!!! hahaha!

  3. That puzzle thing is a pretty good gift idea for my niece. I must get to that place soon. :)


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