Friday, October 29, 2010

What I want for my 34th birthday

  1. To get back in shape. I lost the pregnancy weight quick but I'm flabby all over. It's kinda depressing. Really. So I better buy some fitness equipment like dumbbells or those exercise DVDs. Or maybe I can just run. How do you keep fit?  
  2. New shoes. My feet have shrunk back to a size 6 but somehow they've widened or something because even though my old shoes still fit, they're mighty snug! Ouch.
  3. New hair color. I haven't had my hair colored in over a year! This is amazing. I am now sporting dark brown hair--my real hair color! I haven't seen this shade in 15 years! Hmmm. Maybe I should keep it like that...
  4. To eat out. Yeah. Like, good food in a posh place. Juicy steak, baked oysters, fresh sashimi, spicy sushi, crisp salad... Hungry!
  5. Bib necklaces. I just discovered Sopia. She makes really fab necklaces! Order one for me?  
  6. A topaz ring. Because!!!

Books, red velvet and carrot cakes, Nestle ice cream Chocolate Collection and Haagen Dazs tubs of strawberry cheesecake and tiramisu also welcome!


  1. Oh yeah, feet can permanently change size after a pregnancy. Let me know when you're ready for that ring ;-)

  2. Yes, I had the same problem post-pregnancy. I gave up most of my heels (hu, hu, hu!) because they felt a tinge too tight whenever I walked. Sigh. For a while, I was left with the flats. I've only bought one pair of heels since I gave birth!

  3. advance happy birthday frances!! Hope all your wishes come true :D

  4. Look up Ria Alazas on facebook. View her photos. She makes beautiful bib necklaces too :)

  5. Hi Ms. F!

    Belated happy bday! I just given birth 3 weeks ago. Any tips/beauty products to get rid of stretchmarks?


    Kel :)


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