Friday, November 26, 2010

The hair loss has begun

Post-partum update: It's been three months since I gave birth. The skin discolorations have nearly all faded away. The tummy is still a bowl of Jell-O but smaller and firmer now. The stretch marks are there (forever) but I find that I can live with them after all. What's freaking me out is the dozens of hair strands on my pillow, in the shower drain, on my brush, at the back of my shirt, and once on poor breastfeeding Vito's face! I hate post-partum hair fall!

Then again, even before I got pregnant, I've always had a problem with my flat, thin, prone-to-falling hair. Stress! As Claudine Barretto complains, "Hate na hate ko talaga yung nakikita ko ang buhok ko kung saan-saan nakakalat!" Claudine, I feel ya.

Now because of my job, I get to bring home dozens of haircare products. I've tried a lot of shampoos targeted towards hair fall but so far none has helped. Well, L'Oreal's kiddie shampoo Tendresse did but it's such an expensive shampoo that I don't think I can use that again. Inquirer's beauty director Ria Francisco Prieto says someone sent her this icky black herbal soap that helped with her hair fall but since it didn't have a name, she doesn't know where I can buy it.
Vince and I have our haircuts done at home.
Call Shuji Kida-trained Michael at 0939-888.7860.
Sigh! My fellow women, especially mommies, how did you deal with your post-partum hair fall? Did you cut your hair really short, take supplements, eat something different, get scalp treatments, use a fabulous shampoo, or did you just cry it out???

I know that hair fall is a common problem with us women because I came across this website,, that reports a survey on women's hair problems. Nearly half of the women said that it's hair fall that troubles them most. The site also says (teasingly and maddeningly!) that there's a shampoo that can prevent hair fall (yep, 91% of the women surveyed said so!) but that the big reveal will be on Nov. 28 and that we'll have to wait to find out what this mystery shampoo is. Meanwhile our hair will keep falling!

Hmmm... I think I already have an idea what the shampoo is, and I'm just basing it on the blindfolded woman's nose and half-smile, but I won't put my guess here because I may be mistaken (although I'm pretty sure I'm not!) and then I'd get embarrassed. My fellow blogger friends have the same bet. How about you? What do you think this amazing hair-fall solution is?
I'm losing my hair. Just look at the top of my head!
I hope it's a real solution. The amount of hair I find everywhere is alarming. Even my yaya says to my son, "Hay naku, si mama mo nakakalbo na!" Cry cry cry!


  1. Oh, you found Michael! Been getting lots of emails from people who are looking for him since I'm always raving about Shuji Kida!

  2. I just let it take its course. After a while, I didn't even notice it.

  3. Hey Rowena! Ya! Vince likes getting his hair done at home. He's spoiled that way. So naki-cut na rin ako =)

    MichDom, sigh. Parang ganun na nga ang gagawin ko!

  4. It's normal, and will normalize when our babies are around 12 months. So I'm going to let it take its course. I cut mine off! I was just so sick of the long hair strand mess everywhere.

  5. I also have a problem with hair fall then I tried this organic shampoo called Human Nature. It did not completely eliminate my hair fall because I got the moisturizing variant (for my dry hair), but I noticed that there are less strands on my comb now.

  6. Eliza, ya, I know but the thing is manipis at konti na ang hair ko to begin with. As in. It takes me two to three minutes to dry my hair sa sobrang nipis. So if my hair will continue to fall in the next nine months, kalbo na ako on Vito's first birthday!

    Maja, I've been hearing a lot of good things about Human Nature nga!

  7. I went for the natural remedy - coco milk and aloe vera extract, 3x/week.

  8. I'm liking this idea of getting haircuts at home! Will definitely give it a try sometime!

    As for the hairfall, don't fret too much. It's normal for breastfeeding moms at this stage. It'll all grow back! Meanwhile, what worked for me was the Avalon Organics Hair Thickening Shampoo. It's a healing shampoo that stimulates growth and prevents hair loss. If you have thin strands, this should work for you. Plus, it's all-natural, so no harmful gunk goes onto your scalp. You can find it in Healthy Options; it's in a nice blue bottle. Get the conditioner, too.

  9. Mai, do you rinse with just water or you shampoo it off?

    Martine, will check that out! Thanks!

  10. Ms.F, I have the same problem too. My hair's limp and hair stands so thin. But I just noticed I got a few hair fall when I comb and even when taking a bath. It's the supplements I'm taking I guess. Have you heard of Usana's Essentials? I'm raving about this one. It's a cellular nutrition. check this out.

    and about the mystery shampoo..Pantene again? heehee

  11. Hey F! Don't get too stressed about it. Always remember that all moms go through this, that you're not alone, and that you will get through this like all of us :D

    As for me, I just let it be :) I also have super fine and thin hair. So, don't worry about it ;)

  12. does the l'oreal tendresse really help? i also have falling hair problems and i'm not even a mom yet! tried all sorts of shampoos like nioxin and jason (from healthy options) but sadly nothing works. so i'm willing to try tendresse too if it really will lessen my hair fall. where can i get it?

  13. Hi Frances!
    I can relate - although my hair loss stems from medications not post-partum. I do believe yours is only temporary! Be patient. Everything will go back to normal soon :) How is little Vito doing? I have been seeing wonderful photos on FB, but since they are on your hubby's profile I couldn't comment :-/

    take care,


  14. Hey Frances, I didn't even give birth, and I'm so worried about hair loss. Pano pa kaya when I have a baby? Sigh. I used to have super thick hair, but when I started working, its volume reduced in half! Stress!!! Every time I get my hair cut, the stylist comments on how thin my hair is. I went to a Phyto event and the French expert there said that I have a "fragile scalp.":( Phyto has this new product for hair loss--not from breakage (which most shampoos address). I want to try it but it's about 3k a month for three months.

  15. This was news for me. Didn't know mommies have to experience hair loss after giving birth. Isn't the pain of labor enough pain to go through and now hair loss. Good thing there are hair loss treatment out there you could use for yourself and fight your hair condition with confidence.

  16. It's normal, and will normalize when our babies are around 12 months. So I'm going to let it take its course. I cut mine off! I was just so sick of the long hair strand mess everywhere.
    Henna Hair Dye


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