Monday, November 08, 2010

I have a thing for men in skinny suits

Ya, I like men with sharp cheekbones, bulging Adam's apples and you know that part in the hip area and the bone can be seen peeking out of their jeans? Or, let David Beckham illustrate for us, peeking out of his tighty whities?

I like those parts. Yum! I don't like fleshy men. I like my man to be long and lean. I also like men to be smooth all over. Hairy men, flabby men, tummy men, doubly-chin men... let's just be friends, okay?

So anyway, I was browsing through Gucci's Fall Winter 2010-2011 collection and I am sooo crushing over the guys. Skinny! And you know what I love love love? The skinny suits! Skinny suits are very chic and it takes a lot of panache to wear them--definitely not the kind serious men with bank, academic, or IT jobs would wear. Men in creative fields, like fashion, advertising, publishing, will wear skinny suits. Hmm... Well, I guess no matter what field a guy's in as long as he's confident. And skinny! Like my hubby, who'd look absolutely gorgeous in these:

Must head over to Gucci in Greenbelt 5 to check these suits out. Vince, let's gowwww!

For the bags I liked from this collection, click here.

*runway photos courtesy of Visions & Expressions. Beckham's photo from the web!


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