Friday, November 19, 2010

Ang gandah ko!

Well, y'all must know about the controversial new tourism campaign of DOT. I don't like it either, but I do like that someone came up with this app:

Now this one? Loves its to death super! Make your own logo, too. Now na!

Don't know what the fuss is about? Let Tita Noemi fill you in: Country Branding the Philippines


  1. hehe
    i like your logo

    it's been forever since i last left a comment but i do read your posts. i have been busy in my classes (though that's the time when i read blogs..haha!) I'll just put all in this comment..hehe

    Belated Happy Birthday,hun!
    as what they said better late than never... I'm sure that your bday celebration is a very memorable one since you have Vito to celebrate it with now...& of course Vince.

    Your pink xmas tree is so cute!
    i;m also thinking of getting a small tree for my room.. but im not sure if i will stick with the classic evergreen tree (i painted my room mint green) or maybe a white one..
    i never knew that choosing a tree would be pretty hard!

    I was also surprised with the royal engagement but then i guess it's to be expected of course. I used to have a big crush on Prince William during his early adulthood..hehe

  2. me too.. i don't like it.. the tag line was soo kris aquino or rather tunog showbiz and it really sounds like a morning show or something.


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