Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm wearing my sapphire today

In honor of this!

He gave her his mother's ring. Aww.

Congratulations to the happy couple! Kate tried to hide it but she obviously is giddy! Happy engagement and, more importantly, may they have a happy marriage that lasts till death do them part.


  1. It's so cute how he's so laid back in the interview while she's so formal and tries to keep her composure by sitting up straight.:) But I love those two. It's about time they finally got engaged.

  2. Wow! I just realized your ring looks exactly like Princess Diana's.

  3. OMG yours looks like Kate's!

    It's so cool to hear them talk with their British accents. And you're right, Kate looks happy!

  4. *laglag panga*

    Nice rock, Frances! I can go ice-skating on that thing!

    Anyway, I'm so happy for them, I've been waiting for him to propose to Kate for so long na, naiinip na nga ako! :P


  5. What a nice tribute!!! :)

  6. Yes, best wishes for the happy royal couple :) Funny how watching this vid, I have no more kilig for the prince. Haha. Super crush ko kaya sya dati!

  7. wow I love your bling! :) very Princess Di! :)

  8. hey there! you had your hair colored na? i like it!

  9. wow! great. .finally. I hope they stay and love each other forever.
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