Monday, November 22, 2010

Out with the girls

Since giving birth to Vito Gwapito, I really don't go anywhere far from my house. Sleepless nights have made me look and act like a zombie so I don't look very presentable most days. My goodness, when will I ever have a good night's rest again--maybe when Vito's 18? Argh, that's a whole set of worries by then and I guess I'll have to resort to some potent sleep aids to get any rest at all. Readers who want to have babies, be warned!

Anyway, the real reason I don't venture far from the house anymore is because I breastfeed Vito. I express milk but there's not much milk that gets expressed (only about 3 oz a session) so even if I have a few bottles stored, I still get paranoid that Vito will drink all the milk while I'm away and then he'll starve. Ya, I'm crazy stupid like that.

But last Friday night, I was able to steal away for four hours to go shopping with my girlfriends Nicole and Nikki at the newly opened Kiehl's boutique at Mall of Asia (more on that soon at Beauty For A Living). Let me tell ya, it was soooo nice to just chat away with the girls. From silly things like Topshop finds and yummy things like traditional Thanksgiving dishes to really serious and sad stuff that I won't talk about here.

Instead I'll talk about the light and fluffy! Like my outfit! Woot! Outfit post! Now when was the last time I did that?! Anyway, I am wearing my Gap shirt, my Guess skinny jeans, my black suede peep-toes I bought from eBay and my Fino bag.

Simple enough outfit but I'm just glad I can button that shirt over my tummy area, fit into those jeans and wear heels again! See that skeleton behind me? I used to be that thin! And here's Nikki and Nicole...

If you're wondering why Nicole has her hand in that begging pose, it's because of this:

Freaky! Nic just came from an acupuncture session, a regular treatment she does that really helped her health. I've only done acupuncture once, as a last resort to a terrible cough that lasted for weeks and wouldn't go away whatever I did and no matter how many doctors I saw. So off I went to a Chinese clinic, had a detox, an acupressure massage, an acupuncture session and a total physical diagnosis using magnets. I was half laughing and half coughing the entire time. "This is crazy shit," I said to myself. But that night, my phlegm loosened and by morning, my cough was gone. Gone!

So I've digressed from my story! Anyway, I'm just glad I was able to go out. Being a mom is all about giving, giving, giving. It saps the life out of me sometimes. So it's good to be able to steal away now and then and just recharge. I should do it more often actually. Vince has been complaining about my temper recently. Sigh.


  1. Yay for being able to go out and enjoy a few hours for yourself :) It's good for Vito and Vince too :)

  2. Hey mader! Glad you were able to get away, even for a couple of hours. Kailangan mo 'yan! Mwah! :)

  3. looks like you had so much fun Ms. Frances! And you're getting back in shape! ;)

  4. i soooo can relate. it's been a month since i've given birth & i'm sooo paranoid that i could not leave my baby w/ anyone else (yaya nor hubby). i think babies are so delicate & needs 100% mommy care (kahit super puyat na). but oh, i reaaallly want to go to the mall w/ family or friends. or even spend couple of hours in a salon. but i'm so nakatali kay baby. buti ka pa. good for you! hope i could do that too. but hubby said, after 6 months pa daw pwede. :(

    - kel chan

  5. I like your get up, F! And that's what you were referring to pala when you reco'd Gap for those white shirts. That's a divine shirt! :)

  6. hi, Frances.

    Sabi nga ng isang friend ko, he and his wife was not able to go out for almost 2 years for the same reason (breastfeeding) but it was all worth it in the end.

    Anyway, your comment about acupuncture interests me because I have a cough that just would not go away. I just came from the doctor today and was given another round of antibiotics. I'm looking for an alternative to medicines. I'm afraid they'll do worse than good. hope you could email me the name of the clinic and how much was the total expense. thanks!(

  7. so you're allowed to go out of the acupuncture room with the needles? weird!!! but, i heard that it's really very good... i have a friend who gets treatments all the time.

  8. Frances! Where did you go for Accupuncture? I've been wanting to try it out!!

  9. Hey, thanks everybody!

    As for the acupuncture, I had it done at this Chinese clinic on top of the Mercury Drug store at Glorietta 3. I forget the name. Anyway, let me make na lang a post of acupuncturists you can go to =)

    Liz of Manila, there's an acupuncturist at The Spa High Street. I know there's also one along San Miguel Ave. There's a really good one in Teacher's Village. Hmm... I know I'm not helping! Let me do my research, ha? Sorry about your cough. Mine din was like that--naka-third round of antibiotics na ako and it still didn't work! But acupuncture? It did!

  10. I found it! The one in Glorietta 3! It's called the TCM Clinic, or Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic. Here's the website:

    Call them at 816-0898. Get well soon!

  11. Thank you very much, Frances! I'll check them out. That was probably the clinic I saw when I went to Patients First a few months back.


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