Saturday, November 06, 2010

The pink Christmas tree is out!

My fabulously pink Christmas tree, that Vince got for my 32nd birthday, is ready to make its annual appearance. Yes, it's pink and that's a funny color for a tree or for the season but I like that my hubby indulges me. Or as he puts it bluntly, "You're spoiled."
this is Christmas 2008
Christmas 2009
I'll show you the photos tomorrow (or as soon as I can!) since we're not done setting it up. Besides, I still need really nice ornaments. Right now, I have silver balls, matte and shiny, and plain white lights. But they're kinda boring, don't you think? I'm sure there are fellow Christmas lovers reading my blog. Where do you get unique trinkets for your tree? And I really don't want to go to Divisoria. I don't like that place.

Help! I really want nice new Christmas ornaments (without breaking the bank)!


  1. If you're into Pinoy-themed ornaments or if you'd want to try it,I heard that Dapitan Arcade in Manila sells nice Christmas ornaments at a low price.

  2. i honestly want a pink christmas tree, too... :)

  3. Wow! I am not as bold as you, hahaha, and I love pink too! Can't wait to see the complete tree. I love Christmas decorating!

    This is a cute pink tree you may be inspired by:

    Try S&R for Christmas balls; they have a pack of 60 shatterproof ones for just P799! Try Robinsons Galleria for marked-down decors from Macy's and Martha Stewart. And then you can get some unique pieces from bazaars. (I have a friend who makes jeweled ornaments and sells them at bazaars. Each piece is unique.)

  4. Oh, and I think your tree would look sweet with clear glass/acrylic balls with snowflake etchings. Also, try snowflake-shaped ornaments and bejeweled ones, like this:

  5. Hi Frances!

    SM sells A LOT of christmas ornaments na cheap lang.

    Pero if you have time siguro, you can go to Dapitan Arcade. It's near UST. I went there and shopped for house stuff last June. It wasnt ma-tao that time. Cheap lang there and ang dami dun Christmas decors =)

  6. And why shouldn't you be spoiled? :-)

  7. Love the pink Xmas Tree! It's sooo posh and modern! ;)


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