Friday, November 26, 2010

Rock Band parties shall commence immediately

Well, will commence as soon as we pick up our Rock Band 3 cymbals and keyboard this weekend! Oh yeah. The Third World Nerd and I have been haunting all the gaming shops for weeks now and they all have no Rock Band 3 instruments! Major fail! So we bought ours online.

Soon after that purchase, I got tons of Black Friday sale emails. Argh! Black Friday sale is a huge electronics sale in the US of A right after Thanksgiving. What's Thanksgiving? It's an American holiday that involves turkey, pumpkins, pecan pie, cranberries and, oh, thanksgiving! So anyway. The huge sale. Maybe we should've waited? A little itsy bitsy part of me wished we had waited until I realized that Rock Band 3 is super new and no way would it ever be on sale. So I'm happy!

I may be gone from the blogging world for a while, okay? It's time to rock!

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