Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tomorrow, I'll be 34!

Wow! I am now at that most feared time: Mid-life! Or is mid-life at 40? I dunno really although it makes sense that it's around the ages 34-36 because life expectancy is at 70 so divide that by 2 and you get 35. Simple math, complicated time.

Here's what I currently look like:

Not bad, not bad. I don't look young anymore but neither do I look like I need Botox! Although I gotta admit I've been slathering on the anti wrinkle creams when I can. I'm using Lancome Hydra-Zen now but my friend Nicole tells me that Shu Uemura's Red:Juvenus is beyond amazing. So I'm trying that next.

Truth to tell, I'm the laziest girl in the world when it comes to beauty rituals. I love beauty magazines and products but when it comes to actually using them, I... don't. So I'm glad that I still look okay! I do have gorgeous parents to thank (although I am nowhere near as beautiful as my mother) but in the great scheme of things, I'm just pretty, not fabulously stunningly beautiful.

That's okay. I've never felt insecure about my looks or been jealous of other girls. I'm a great admirer of beauty actually. That's because my parents always told me that we're all God's creation so whatever you look like, you're beautiful.

Besides, I have such a blessed life. It's not without its troubles--and believe me, there's a lot right now--but no matter how I look at life, all I really see is how full of beauty it is. On top of my gratitude list: my husband and darling baby boy. Just one look at this sweetie and I feel all the years drop away from my face and my body. Vito's my No. 1 anti-aging secret!

What's your anti-aging weapon?


  1. you have the cutest anti aging weapon in the whole wide world!!! :) happy happy birthday frances!! :)

  2. Happy Birthday for tomorrow beautiful x

  3. Happy birthday!

    "Simple math, complicated time." - I find this funny.


  4. happy birthday, frances! i remember how when we were in grade school i always thought i deserved to be named frances more than you coz my birthday fell on the feast day of st. francis. hahaha! that's why i always had a vivid memory of you. anyway, my best anti-aging weapon is sleep! it's amazing how wrinkles seem to disappear after a restful night or even just a nap.

  5. Happy birthday! Just think, you'll always be 9 years younger than me. That should make you feel good!

  6. advance happy birthday, you don't look like 34..hehe

  7. advance happy birthday, miss frances. you actually don't look like 34. i'd say, 30? :) been following your blog for quite sometime now and i so wished i actually worked for a magazine as well. (dream job... hehe!)

  8. THANKS!!!

    I'm so excited to be a year older =D

  9. Happy birthday, Frances! I have to say this, your nose is just lovely!


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