Wednesday, March 02, 2011

How I lost my freedom of speech

Ironically, when this blog got popular, I got shhh-ed! My family reads this, my nieces read this, my co-workers read this, my industry partners read this, etc etc etc.

While I absolutely adore having more and more of you dropping by, I found that now I can't talk about my sex life (to Vince's enormous relief!), say bad things about people or places or products, say fuck-shit-asshole-bitch (oho, I just did!), or have strong opinions about serious stuff like politics or the RH Bill because I might offend someone important who doesn't share the same beliefs.

What a strange predicament I'm in! I have so many people interested in reading what I have to say and I can't say it!

I'm not angry, okay? Just thinking aloud. I don't mind so much since, at my age, I've gotten allergic to conflict. I wonder if that means I've become a big wuss. Well, I do still SPEAK my mind; I just don't WRITE it anymore. Print and be damned, as they wisely say.

If you want to know what I really really think, buy me coffee and let's chat! I like looooong honest talks and I assure you I am never boring!


  1. Oh, I'd loooove to buy you coffee and chat with you!!!

    Of all the local bloggers, you're the one I can relate to the most. We have a lot in common: we're both from CAL in UP, we have the same shoe and ring size, we have brothers who are cellists, we have rabbits for pets, and we're so patay na patay with our men, haha! You're just the thinner, smarter, more fab version of me, and I want to be like you when I grow up! :P I'd love to pick your mind, haha!

    Not sure if you remember me, but I was the one who emailed you to thank you about sharing about PU2B! I still owe you the carrot cake I promised, I'll send one over one of these days. :) And I'm doing good on my promise to buy OK! regularly.

    And no, this blog is not at all boring, despite the self-censorship. Keep writing and inspiring!


  2. I used to have a blog where I would rant rant rant and type like there's no tomorrow. My then roommate discovered it and I had to delete it hehe. :)

    And I agree with Dea, despite the self-censorship, this blog is not at all boring! I am in awe how you can turn a random thought into a long blog post! :)

  3. I super agree! I would love to meet you sometime to talk about mommies and writing. Although I don't have as much readers as you do. Still, some of the people who matter to me read my blog. And sadly, our MIS department sometimes sniff around at the sites we visit (a-holes ehehe). So I can't rant and rant to my heart's content about work. Thank God I've finally succumbed to twitter but I've closed off my account to people I know wouldn't tattle on me. teehee.

  4. Oh I hope that doesn't stop you from writing this blog. Its sad when people like Tina Tagle have to close shop because people start to judge you for what you say, write, do. Even if hello, nakikibasa lang sila. hahaha!

    I like the fact that you're real about how you react to things Frances.

  5. I have to say, YES! You can definitely buy Frances Coffee or sweets and you will have the best conversation with such interesting woman! Thank you for opening up yourself to me! I am happy to know you and to know you more pa! :) :) :) Kita kitz soon!

  6. I remember that time when we chatted for hours at that coffee shop at our building. I think that was the second or third time I've seen you and yet I heard myself telling you secrets I don't tell even close friends.

    Truly, you are a great friend who listens and shares wisdom and happiness and I'd love to do that again sometime! I know you're probably always with Vito but I'd love to visit you sometime in the Ortigas area!

    PS: I want to meet Vito soon so I can ogle his cuteness! =)

  7. please continue to write and write

  8. F, I love reading your blog. My day wouldn't be complete if I have not visited your blog. I love it because it's personal. I'd say your blog is good for the heart because your entries are positive and doesn't really require us, followers, to use much of our emotions. Just like the Lucky Me Sotanghon, it's Lite!:)Sometimes, overrated discussions about current events and politics could kill my day, you know. At the end of my day, when I just want to relax myself in front of my laptop, I visit blogs but my first stop would be yours.

    And since, you have quite a number of followers already, how about you hold a coffee session with us? I'd love to meet you, personally.

  9. LOL @ fuck shit asshole bitch OOPS ZOREHH!

    I love your tone, feeling ko friends tayo dati.. Hahaha!

    I enjoy your sungit posts. It keeps you real. Especially the ones about work. Scary principal ang dating.

    Keep on writing!

    Much love,

  10. Buti na lang officemate kita dati! I was able to hear your (uncensored) views and kwentos live! :) I do miss you, Frances! Hope we can get together one of these days.

  11. Everybody, THANKS!!!

    Thanks, Dea! Sige, send over the carrot cake asap. Joke! =)

    AskMeWhats, Teeyah and Ro, naiyak naman ako sa inyo. Miss you! Pero mabait na ako ngayon, promise! =P

    Freeswan, hehe, ang yabang ko naman if I throw a party, "Want to meet ME?" Ack! hahaha =D

    Karotitay, oo nga! Feeling ko rin friends tayo dati! Well, because of our blogs, friends na tayo ngayon =) Oh no, lumalabas pa rin ba may sungit-ness? I try to suppress it!

  12. Coffee session is a good idea:)

    I would love to buy you a cup of coffee pag balik ko ng Boni and I want to ask you about something hehehe:)

  13. Yes, come on over! Were you the one who asked about makeup on my beauty blog? =)

  14. Yes yes that's me!:-) magorganize kaya kami ng meet and greet F? Haha:p

  15. Wow, mav, feeling STAR na talaga ako nun! I will sing and dance, you like? Hahahaha. Joke! Scary if I sing and dance.

  16. Same here! I used to hate on people on my blog. I used to want to talk about a lot of private stuff, too. I can't do that anymore. One time, I published something and I got a call from my dad: "Take that post out." SCURRY my dad!

  17. Crickette, Mama ko naman ang ganun. She once told me, "Bakit mo ba kailangan sabihin yan? Kailangan ba malaman ng mundo yan?" So I promised her I won't expose our super duper bad family secrets and troubles anymore. And that's why this blog became silly! Hahahaha

  18. i could sense you're not boring :D i can relate to in-laws read my blogs, my church mates, my nieces and nephews, don't mind hubby, he knows me in and out haha :D still there's so much to write....and so little time.
    i love your writings keep it up! i'm following you :D
    a time to weep and a time to laugh Heartifying!

  19. Jona, I'm not boring at all =D Thanks!


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