Thursday, January 13, 2011

Am about to disappear for some technical updates

I'll be gone for a while. I'm tired of this dreary black thing going on with this blog. I did that because a black screen doesn't consume as much energy as a white screen. So I like to think that you save energy while you read my blog. But if your eyes get stressed, what is the point of reading?!

Anyhoot, I will experiment for a bit. Clean up. I want to be minimalist for 2011. Life is getting really messy lately. As life tends to be. But blogs, hair and houses shouldn't be! Be back sooooon!


  1. Hope you have a great start to 2011.

  2. I'm in favor of banishing the black! Let the sun shine in! :-)

    Oh, and tell me any links I should add to my "Mentions" list. I have to say I pooped out on maintaining that list for a little while and definitely missed some putting in some links.

  3. Beauty Addict, welcome to the blogging world and try my other blog Beauty For A Living instead.

    Savvy Gal, you too!

    WendyB, will email you shortly.

  4. I agree with vince, birds are EVIL (except for my mom's pet birds because they talk and they say "love you" and "bye bye" to me every morning).

    But i like the new layout cus it's clean.

  5. Crickette, why are birds evil?!? Vince says, "Because they shit on your car."


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