Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Now I'm sick!

Hubby was sick last weekend, then yesterday I caught the bug, too. That's what happens when you sleep together! And in this case, I mean sleep literally.

I don't think my coughs and colds will be as bad as Vince's, though. I've fortified my system with gingery broths and lemongrass tea (make your own!). I've even gone to Murad for my skin treatment that includes Vitamin C serum for the face so that if any germs settle on my skin, the anti-oxidants will kill it. Just a silly theory--don't quote me!

Still, no rest for the weary. I have a lot of work to do, errands, events. And then there's the big baby, who is, thankfully, better. He caught the bug too but because I am breastfeeding him, he gets the antibodies my body's producing to fight this cold. And now Vito's like the Energizer bunny! He's super cute. Go to my mommy blog for more photos of this baby in red.

So there. Just an update! I got a lot of feedback in my previous post, and some have emailed me asking for recipes that have just 3 ingredients. These are from exhausted wives/moms who are looking for quick and inexpensive meals to make. Single women living in the big city have also emailed with the same request. And I will answer in my next post. For now, I will sleep!


  1. hope you get well soon... i am terrible sick also today, i think i have the intestinal flu or what... it really feels awful... cant go to work

    vito is so very very cute

  2. Get well soon Ms. Frances. Vito's look cuter and cuter, sweeter and sweeter as the days pass by...He's truly an energizer bunny not only to you but also to me:) and maybe to all readers:)

  3. get well soon Frances!

    naninibago ako sa blog mo :) nasanay na ata ako sa color black.

  4. Oh no! Sorry to hear you've caught the bug...Vitamin C and Zinc helps! Hope you feel better soon.

    Vito is adorable. Those cheeks of his are so cute ♥ Gotta check out your other blog now :)

    take care,

  5. Oh, I'm sick, too. Half the people at my workplace are sick. I stayed home today.

    Get well soon!


  6. Hi Ms. Frances. FYI, the links for your in-line ads are all broken. :)

  7. Cheer and Dea, get well soon, too! As Duni said, Vit C and Zinc! And lots of water and liquids =)

    Genejosh and Duni, thanks! Vito is too cute, yes =)

    Levy, naninibago rin ako haha

    Jenn, thanks!!! Fixed them na. Yey!


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