Saturday, January 15, 2011

And it's a whole new look for 2011!

Readers, I hereby present Topaz Horizon's new look!

I used Blogger's Template Designer and then when I realized that a ton of stuff was disappearing from my blog (widgets, links, Nuffnang codes, the Facebook like button!!!), I stopped in sheer panic!

Vince doesn't like it ("It's mustard. And there are birds. Birds are eeeeevil."). I'm still getting used to it myself. I do like it, though. I like the oranges and browns. I also like the birds since they look like they're flying on the horizon. Get it? I do think the font size is rather huge. It looks like I write for very old people. But, hey, if it makes this blog easier to read, right?

So tell me what you think! I really don't want to mess with the html codes anymore since I am so very afraid I'd delete everything but if some stuff doesn't seem to be working, kindly alert me. Thanks!

P.S. Check out my FAQs page! I finally finished it!


  1. It looks good! Though I may be a bit biased since my blog's template is orange-y as well. :)) And I'm glad you were able to recover your widgets! Deleting them accidentally can be such a pain (been there a lot of times haha).

  2. Looks good to me :). Still no nuffnang banner?

  3. Thanks, ladies!

    Austenfan, as Mav pointed out, there are loads of stuff still missing. But the one that saddens me most is the disappearance of the Facebook "likes." That was special =(

  4. I love it, F :D Hope you're doing well! Miss ya!

  5. Jane, miss ya too! I'm doing okay. A bit overwhelmed with life but swimming swimming! Can't sink!


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