Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Please, Universe, let me win these prizes!

Power Plant is giving away a Benz. And I want it!
Yeah. But can it fly?

All you need to do is exchange your receipts for a raffle coupon. If you spent P2,000 in any shop in Power Plant, that's one coupon, P3,000 at the supermarket is also one coupon. Because Power Plant is our favorite mall, we got not a few coupons. Yey!

As you can see, there's enough receipts up there to burn out receipt printers! Now, I gather all receipts--yes, even P40 parking fees--so I can also join BIR's promo:

The prizes are phone loads (which we don't need) and cash that range from P25,000 to a million pesos!!! Now, cash I definitely want! If you have receipts lying about, here's encouraging news:

I will digress a bit. Vince doesn't like it that I'm always saying I want money. It doesn't sound nice, he says. It reflects badly on me (as a woman) and on him (as a provider). To clarify, I am not money-hungry and Vince provides more than enough for our family.

It's just that late last year, someone who has always been most selfish took a lot from Vince and me. Financially, emotionally, you name it. I never talked about it in this blog (although I dropped hints here and there) because I was so devastated by this event. My closest friends know the story and they feel very badly for me and my new family. There is impotent fury all around, but it's not something I can share publicly. That's how bad it was.

Vince and I have recovered somewhat from the catastrophe. Evidence: the shopping we enjoyed! We were resolute in the decision that we will not let this person ruin Vito's first Christmas. But, sad to say, Christmas wasn't a very happy time because of the terrible emotional strain.

But it's a New Year! While we can't turn our backs on this person, we've decided to just work super hard so that no matter what happens, Vito's future is secure. But a million pesos and a nice new car will definitely make us feel better!


  1. Woah. Yeah, I've seen those contest posters around the mall! Good luck in entering that! :) And good luck with whatever you're facing, as well. :)

  2. Thanks, Michelle and Savvy Gal =)

  3. hope you win in the raffle... power plant is also my favorite mall =)

  4. Thanks, Cheer! If you bump into me at Power Plant, say halloooo!


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