Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kate Torralba did it first

KT, sweetheart, I'm sure you've seen Chanel's Resort St. Tropez Collection 2011. This particular cashmere mini dress with guipure details caught my eye:
The dress is GBP 1,652 or USD 2,600
On Clemence Poesy, ES Magazine
On Emma Roberts, Marie Claire Nov 2010 issue
On Jessica Alba, Elle Dec 2010 issue
I'm sure, Kate, you know why that dress piqued my interest. In 2007, you created the most fabulous flowergirl-and-bridesmaid dresses for my wedding. Yes, it's different and yet very very similar. Chanel's base is pink while yours is brown.
Bridesmaid Mariel (second from left) and the coolest Summit Media girls!
The flower girls and junior bridesmaid
I like what you did better. Yes, I prefer yours over Chanel!


  1. Oh wow! Cool post! They do seem similar! :)

  2. those bridesmaid and flower girl dresses are absolutely gorgeous!

  3. still can't get over how lovely your entourage looked in their dresses. :)


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