Saturday, January 15, 2011

The trouble with having kids late...

... is I have no more friends who'll get married in the next three to five years. That means Vito won't ever get to be a ring/coin/Bible bearer. It would've been so cute to see him in a little suit or barong, walking most seriously (I imagine him to take his duties most seriously!) down that long aisle. I'd be such a proud momma!
Vince's cute nephews Kevin and Zo at our 2007 wedding
Well, I did propose to Vince that we could renew our vows when Vito's 3 or 4 or 5 years old. That way, Vito gets to be a ring bearer and I get to have new wedding jewelry! Definitely a fantastic plan! Now if only I can fit into my gown again...
Nope. I didn't diet or exercise to fit into that dress.
I was really just thin. Now my birthing hips are impossible! 


  1. Neighbor! We're super magka-wavelength nga, I'm also in the middle of changing templates! :D Just doing the backup so I'm taking longer, hehe.

  2. love your wedding gown!
    I'd like to change the term to "Re-affirmation of vows", kasi a marriage is something that doesn't expire so nothing to renew, tama ba? hehe...

    and like you, i'm also wishing for my little girl to be a flower girl before she gets too old to be one! :)))

  3. I know I haven't met this super cutie pie yet but I will make you this promise: When I get married, Vito will be a ringbearer at my wedding. I don't know how many years from now as I don't know my groom yet ha ha. But I'd love to have him as my ring bearer :)

  4. Mariel, great minds, great minds =) Or the simple explanation could really just be the New Year!

    Mom-Friday, yes, reaffirmation is a lovely and more apt word =)

    Teeyah! Promise?! But that means you better get married in 2013, 2014 or 2015!


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