Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekend report

Well, I am a tired woman right now. Spent all of yesterday listening to my kid's yaya talk about her daughter's disappearance (she took her three sons with her so Ate Marita's worried sick about the grandkids, too). To cheer her up, I told her to go to the mall and shop. She came back excited about--you'll never guess--LCD TVs! Samsung and a Chinese-sounding brand being her top choices. I was, like, "Ate M, an LCD TV is expensive!" Mebbe she wants a raise (again?!), you think?

So I sent her home early because she wanted to hunt down her daughter and grandsons. That left me alone with Vito, which was okay, until Vince came home feeling very much under the weather. Uh oh. We were expecting company, too. Well, everything went well last night but today, Vince felt really awful. Plus, Vito was extra fussy. I tell ya, it ain't easy to take care of a baby and a sick hubby all by my lonesome. But they're finally both asleep and I am nursing a mug of coffee. (Decaf. Sad, I know.)

I haven't had a shower. My hair is all mussed up. My body is aching all over. There are dishes to be washed, fresh laundry to be folded and put away, clutter to sort... I am exhausted. It's hard to be a homemaker!


  1. Forget the dishes! just look at your hubby and Vito, I am sure all your body ache and grumbles shall melt away.
    Don't worry you're not alone...I applaud you working mom!

  2. Well, ya, I actually did just forget the dishes! Haha

  3. hope that your yaya is back so that you dont have to do everything on your own and you wont be too tired...

  4. Cheer, yaya's back. The weekends talaga are her days off.


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