Saturday, January 29, 2011

And I thought I thought it up!

I am not as clever as I thought!
Alas, I didn't invent the word 'tweetheart'!
It says so here.

I'm on Twitter! Well, I've been a Twit for sometime now but haven't really been Tweeting. Tweeting is best done from a mobile phone but since I am not a mobile phone person (people hate that I don't answer calls and texts. And if I do, it takes me hours or even days to reply!), the Tweeting isn't that easy.

Well, since I'm in front of the computer most times, I realized I can make this Tweeting work! Follow my Tweets, my friends! I'm kinda getting the hang of it.


  1. I'm not a Twitter person. I never know what to tweet about! :))

  2. well, i read it first from you! so points for you ;)
    I highly recommend you download and use TweetDeck(v0.36.1) so you can have a better view of your tweets, direct messages, and tweets that mention you. One page and it's all there, very convenient! Happy tweeting!

  3. Michelle, haha, me too! I usually just reply to other people's tweets!

    MomF, download to my computer? =)

  4. Yes, just download to your PC or wherever you Tweet :)


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