Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blogger integrity

Someone asked me, "Why are you so quiet about the Big Bad Blogger issue?"

First, I promised to keep this blog about silliness and shopping and fashion and frivolity.

Second, if you noticed, I don't really comment on issues. I didn't campaign for anyone in the elections, I didn't say anything about the bus hostage tragedy or about Hubert Webb's release... I just don't. The few times I did write about serious stuff (the Maguindanao Massacre and Ondoy), I got some negative comments.

Third, I address the sponsored posts issue in my FAQs.

So anyway. Here's what I have to say about that whole brouhaha:
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That's all.


  1. My blog is a personal blog too.

    Once, I created a post about a beauty product and I got this comment that irked me. It said: "Wow, parang sponsored ah!" I was insulted because I waited two months to be able to write it --- and I wrote it because I was amazed with the result.

    There are a lot of blogs that do not have personality anymore. I don't enjoy reading them. I do not have anything against their work... but you're right, bloggers should be more responsible.

  2. You said it!

    Generally, I strive to remain upbeat in my posts...except for the occasional rant about my health issues, but before readers start bickering they should just choose not to read what disturbs them.

  3. Crickette, yes, that's the sad thing about blogs now being infiltrated by PRs. Some people get suspicious.

    Duni, I am glad that you're doing so well! Health-wise, business-wise =)

  4. Same here. I try to avoid "heavy" topics or issues on my blog. I don't even rant on my blog save for a few constructive criticisms. Even with the BBB brouhaha, I only stressed my belief in blogging with passion and integrity to preserve our credibility as responsible bloggers.
    Keep it up Topaz mom :)

  5. :( This is so sad. Some people actually put time and effort into the blog to please the readers!

  6. Couldn't agree more. I've had a kind of bad experience about not being careful about what I blogged years ago. I didn't expect that the person I was talking negatively about got to read my blog and it caused conflict to our friendship. That's why every blogger should really be careful. And I guess there should be blogging ethics, although that would be kind of hard for everyone to do.

  7. Mom-Friday, yeah, the world is sad and painful enough already. Sometimes, our blogs are an escape so wag na mag-heavy drama, diba? =)

    Michelle, ya! I'm one of those bloggers who really take extra measures to make my readers happy! =)

    Wella, true, I was also irresponsible before. Almost caused my brother and his bride to break up with a stupid blog entry I wrote. Imagine how horrible I was!!! So now I'm super super careful because I never want to do anything so hurtful like that again.


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