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Saturday, October 25, 2008

How does one lose fat when you're already thin?

Okay, I'm on a blogging roll. Might be gone next week because it's my magazine's deadly deadline week so I'm writing enough posts to keep you busy!

So as I published the last post, I wondered how on earth can I lose the fat when I'm already 15 pounds underweight? I honestly do not want to become anorexic. I've put a lot of veggies and fiber in my diet. I've also cut back on sugar and carbs. Of course, at meal times, everyone's worried about me! "Are you on some diet?!" they accuse. And I mumble, "Well, I'm trying to be healthy."

Can you believe I'm even beginning to be attracted to those diet pills on TV like Fitrum, Slenda and Phentermine? Maybe I'll just try it for a month and then supplement it with body-weight exercises to build muscle. Argh! This is so confusing and hard! I want to be healthy but I don't want to be super skinny!


  1. Sounds like you need to add muscle rather than losing fat. Are you doing cardio and weights?

  2. Yep. 15 pounds of it, Wendy. Not doing anything actually. Hehe. Just dieting. Will exercise soon. Promise!

  3. Exercise will be the best way to lose fat and build muscle.
    Avoid those diet pills like the plague,
    please =)

  4. you need to exercis and minor weight lifting to add muscle tone. when you have more muscles then fat will decrease.

  5. That's true, come to think of it. I don't need to diet. Exercise and weight-lifting will make my muscles burn fat! And so I'll even get to eat more! Thanks, DaisyChain and Savvy Mode! =D

  6. Hi Frances,
    I'm pretty skinny, too, although I don't diet. I was born that way! I definitely don't want to lose weight. I eat regular meals, with plenty of fruit and vegetables. I eat carbs and sugar in moderation. I think there's nothing really bad about them, if you don't overdo it. I do Pilates, which is great for building muscle, and I do moderate cardio exercise.

  7. I tried Pilates. I fell asleep on the mat! But it was hard! Oh, how hard. I'm doing HipHop Abs =) Just cardio. Will buy weights soon!

  8. You don't need to lose fat. You need to feel thin. I'll let you in on a secret. To feel thin, I buy pretty thin things that make me feel deliciously sleek. This and this should do the trick. Lol.

  9. Haha, those watches are pretty sleek! And they had me at hello. I'm a watch person. Love watches!


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