Friday, July 17, 2009

New pink laptops!

Vince and I attended the Sony Vaio launch party the other night at the Manila Peninsula Hotel. I was glad to see that the new laptop computers of Sony are quite colorful. My regular readers know I seriously considered getting the pink Sony Vaio CS sometime ago. A lot of you advised against it so I ended up with my HP Mini--which I adore.

I did get reminded of how I wanted a Vaio when I saw the metallic pink Vaio W (below) and the new Vaio CS in pink crocodile leather. Ooooh, I swear I kinda salivated and, with Sony offering us media people a rare offer of 50% discount (!!!), I almost whipped out the credit card (yes, I'm a credit card holder again, despite what I said).

However, when I got home, there was my lovely elegant black HP Mini waiting for me. I'm in love with my HP Mini. But now Vince just told me HP has launched a pink one. Oh dear! It's so pretty!I want it!


  1. Wow!!!!Eye candy!!! Wish I can own one.

  2. Oh no it's painfully pretty! I want it, too!! :p

  3. Let's all get it! It's cheeeeeeeap!!! As soon as it hits local shores, I'm buying it!

  4. Cute! And 50% off on the Sony Vaio? You guys are so lucky!!!!

  5. Wow! This is soo pretty! How wish I can own one..:)

    So lucky for media people like you to have it a discounted price.=)

    This laptop is soo KEWL!


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