Thursday, July 30, 2009

Someone's writing on a Moleskine soon!

Oh, so so many entries to my Moleskine giveaway! What fun it's been reading all your favorite books. So how did I come up with the winner?

First, write all the entries down:Second, cut cut cut:Third, put them all in a box:
Fourth, shake vigorously:Fifth, pick out a name:
Congratulations, Aicha! And from the looks of your lovely blog, you're going to have a lot of uses for those Moleskine notebooks and that P500 gift certificate to!

To everyone, thank you so much for sharing your books with me. I was thrilled to add to my book list!

Thanks, Jasper Ong of! To my readers, if you want your blog to be part of the Blog Hopping Moleskine Giveaways, check out the details here.

If you want to buy your own Moleskine notebook, go to and enter this coupon code upon checkout: topazhorizon. You'll get a 5% discount on any purchase of the Moleskine Large Cahier Ruled Black Set of 3!


  1. aww... better luck next time to me. :) congratulations to the winner. that's a cute box! :) ang aga ng announcement ng winner. i thought later pa... :)

  2. (Maybe I'm dreaming?)
    OMGGGG!!! *dies*

  3. Awww. Sayang, I didn't win. Haha.

    Wow, Frances, all those writing and cutting must have taken a lot of effort and time. :)

    Congratulations to Aicha.

  4. Congratulations Aicha!

    Thank you everyone for participating, most especially to Frances Amper-Sales for her support in doing this contest.

    Hope to see you guys again soon in the 2nd series of this contest series!

  5. Why, oh, why did I just stumble upon your blog now?

    Anyway, I've seen other sites use for raffle draws, you might want to check that out.


  6. Thank you both to Frances of Topaz Horizon and Jason of :DDD!!!

  7. TaniV and Maris, don't worry--I have many surprises lined up for my readers. Your luck is bound to change soon!!!

    Guwapa, I couldn't use for this because some people get 10 extra points if they blog about it. Besides, it's not as pretty to look at. Compare with my process and box! And the drama of the name on that piece of paper!


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