Friday, July 17, 2009

Shoes for sale!

Ladies, do you recall my poll on shoes some days ago? Well, my first shipment of shoes arrived last Wednesday! I'm super excited! I've gotten them all ready for my eBay store. Yep, my regular readers know I have an online business of sorts. It's just a fun hobby until Vince and I realized the hobby has bought us furniture and books and toys. Now it's a serious money-making venture (well, still a hobby since we do have full-time jobs).

So part of the reason I've not been blogging is I've actually spent the last two weeks clearing my cabinets of surplus inventory because I needed to make space for my new products--SHOES!

Here are four of the six styles I ordered:

Pretty! Sexy! I'm very excited! I really do hope the shoes sell. One of my Things To Do is to open a shoe shop. Vince thinks this is silly of me since he likens that to an alcoholic opening a bar. Haha! He has a point, though. I'm already thinking of keeping a few in my size!

P.S. I sell only through!


  1. Love the second style of shoes, hope they sell well, and you can open that shoe shop! ;)

    And thanks so much for your comment (though sorry this is such a late reply), I really appreciate your support, and I quite miss blogging, but I'm setting off to be global vagabond for the next couple of years (or more), and sadly, I don't think my weighty desktop computer is going to make a good travel companion. :( But perhaps I can find some internet cafes occasionally, and post a little update. :)

    And thank you so much for the award, I appreciate it so very much, even if I'm not blogging anymore, it's still such an honor!

    Hope you're doing well! <3


  2. Sexy shoes! I love the pink one. It's sooo girly!

  3. Galing, Neighbor! You're a true blue entrepreneur :)

  4. S-C!!! Oh my, I miss you lots. Sent you separate email.

    ChinkyGirlMel, ya I love the pink one, too. I call it The Pink Flamingo =P

    NY Minute, that's the plan! =D

  5. Hey, Frances! What's your username? Can you give us a link to your listings? I would love to take a look at your stocks! :-D

  6. i love it... will get the green shoes... let me know your username... i use to buy from you the cosmetics stuff... just married now... please let me know so excited been looking for nice shoes... text me 09175355485


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