Saturday, July 04, 2009

Loving our new T-shirts!

TopShop is on sale! Now, I dislike sales and avoid them like the plague but yesterday, I was one of the lucky few invited to the private sale and I do appreciate having the store all empty. It's much easier to navigate without having to fight with all these hysterical and rude women.

However, I didn't find a lot of nice things yesterday. So I just bought some basic tanks.

I also got this vintage-style tee. It's cool because I married a nerd and I'm a nerd myself.
Hmm. The problem with t-shirts is they kinda gather around my tummy fat. I'd ask you for diet pills that work but I really don't need to diet, ya know? I just need to lose that stubborn tummy fat! Good thing Aesthetic Science Clinic invited me to try out their Mesotherapy and Reshape treatments next week. Wish me luck!

Now, my husband has no problems with tummy fat. He's got six-pack abs rippling under his shirts. Yummy! Just as wonderful are these funky, nerd shirts we bought from Last Exit to Nowhere.

Blade Runner. Vince and I think we're replicants.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
--one of our most favorite movies.

We waited for 10 days for the order to be shipped from London. London is pretty far from Manila but even we were surprised it took just 10 days for our shirts to arrive.

These shirts are the ultimate in film nerd chic. At GBP 18 each (PHP 1,412... plus shipping!), they're pretty pricey, but hey, we totally love them and the way people don't get 'em. For example, can you guess what movie this is?It takes a real film buff to go, "Where on earth did ya find that cool shirt?!" And when we find people who get the shirts, then we know we've met a kindred spirit.


  1. ugh!!! i totally forgot about this... was it worth it? i was at shang too, yesterday, but i was there for pho and a 2nd dose of transformers!!!

    i think im regretting it now...

  2. I saw Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless. I love Kate Winslet! But I really did love the movie too. Imagine erasing any unwanted memories... That's so cool! :)

  3. I don't see any tummy fat on you!

  4. Crickette, the only stuff I wanted were still at regular price. I guess that's why it's a sale--they wanted to get rid of the so-so items. Then again, I went to Bonifacio High Street kasi. I hear dun daw sa Galleria, magaganda yung items on sale.

    Tani, I love Kate, too! Amazing actress. Everyone there actually were amazing. Jim Carrey especially.

    WendyB, I chose the photo that the tummy fat isn't so visible. And I really sucked it in for this pic--the previous ones were bloaty.

  5. Hi Frances!
    I love your T-shirt. I'm married to a geek too :)

  6. That tee is super cute! And you and your hubby are just a really cute pair. Why not tag me along on your next private little shopping?! Lols...I'd love to go. hehehehe

  7. Oh I love those Topshop tanks! You look hot in that photo, ha, very Tina Fey! Let me know how the mesotherapy goes (if it's painful). Maybe I can book a session for my kili-kili fat before the wedding hahaha. Afraid!

  8. By any chance, Outpost 31, is that the movie "The Thing"? haha

    I absolutely love the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind shirt, it's one of my favorite movies too! :D

  9. just saw this post again and realized that i must've been so into the fact that you talking about SHOPPING, i didn't notice how cute vince was on the photos!

    how do you make him pose like that?

  10. Duni, women married to nerds are hot! =D

    ChinkyGirlMel, I'm an online shopper--try it! Sooo many goodies from all over the world!

    NY Minute, didn't push through with the Meso anymore--got scared =)

    Kwagoo!!! That's CORRECT!

    Crickette, Vince poses away on his own. I'm actually the camera-shy one (look at all my photos--one look! I'm the female Zoolander).

  11. hi miss Frances..try drinking Leisure 18 slimming coffee, it works!!! love all your such an avid reader! :)


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