Friday, July 10, 2009

Behind the scenes of the OK! staff shoot - My pics

Middle of the year and that means it's time to change the staff photos in OK! magazine. Why? Well, my editor's photo still features my long brown hair of last year (see that photo here). So when I go to meetings and events, the PR people and brand managers don't recognize me with my short and very red hair--and that's not a good thing! So a regular photo shoot is necessary.

We started early in the morning. The makeup artists (Marie Calica and Ces Guerrero) and hairstylists (Ogie Rayel and Emar Cabiltes) were tasked to prettify the entire staff. Nichole Reyes, OK!'s former fashion and beauty editor, is now a freelance makeup artist and stylist and we got her to style the shoot. Here are the dresses and the shoes:
Here's our photographer Ocs Alvarez setting up:
This is me before makeup:
And this is me in the middle of Ces's makeover magic:
Omar fixes my flat thin lifeless hair (I do love my hair color and highlights courtesy of color magician Louis Phillip Kee!):
Now that my face and hair are perfect, I'm ready to try on the outfits! But first, let me show you what I wore to the shoot.This is an old jumpsuit I bought at YRYS for a mere PHP 700 (USD 14.50) about four or five years ago. I am so happy it's back in fashion... and that it still fits! It's like wearing pajamas seriously. I wore it with my Nine West gladiator wedges and my Kenneth Cole necklace.

Tip: When you're having your hair and makeup done (wedding, debut, etc), always wear something you can easily take off, like a button-down shirt or dresses you can step out of. Do not wear t-shirts and the like, as taking them off will ruin your hair and makeup!

Now, in the tradition of The Insider's Lara Spencer's Wardrobe Cam, this is me trying on outfits...

First option was this pink dress with pixelated flower print from United Pop. Nope, it isn't working for me.

Second option was this Sinequanone dress with a Missoni-like print. It's nice but as editor-in-chief, I have to look more respectable than sexy so off it went. Besides, it makes me look pregnant!

Third option was this United Pop dress with a neckline beaded heavily with shells and sequins. I love it! It's very me. And, of course, it's orange and my readers know I love orange! Winner!

And if you ever wondered how those models in fashion magazines look like their clothes were tailored for them, here's the secret: Binder clips!
Et voila! Moi!

This photo will be published in OK!'s August issue! Pleeeease grab a copy!

United Pop pink dress (PHP 2,100), United Pop orange dress (PHP 2,400), available at The Ramp Crossings
Sinequanone blue dress (PHP 13,500), available at Rustan's Makati


  1. Dear Frances, I'm trying not to envy how tall, elegant, and lovely you look in your jumpsuit.

    Love from a girl who'd order new body parts from Ebay if ebay carried them lol

  2. hehe LOL chin i love your outfits and you di have a long legs prettyyyy!!!

  3. I've always been iffy about jumpsuits, but it looks great on you.

    And the binder clips . . . classic. Haha.

  4. i loved how you documented this shoot. at least nainitinidan ko how the models do it diba?! at ayun, may clips pala sa likod yung damit!

    pde ka talagang model frances. dali magsideline ka na rin ng modelling :)

  5. You looked great in that first number ah! kaso it reads: i'm the editor; i party a whole lot and let my staff do everything for me. *wink*

    your hair looks great! cute nung shot na you stuck out your tongue while your hair gets fixed. ganda ng eye make up

  6. I enjoyed reading your blog! :) You look pretty even without makeup!!! And your own outfit is gorgeous enough :) Wonderful shot :)

  7. Oh! This looked like so much fun! :) That dress looks great, you chose well :)

  8. Very good choice of dress Frances, needless to say the orange looks so flattering on you.

  9. love the color on you! :) i've actually only read OK in salons but with this blog.. well, let's just say, this will make my monthly buys. :)

  10. Chin, I'd order a new tummy myself actually, the one that's really flat with softly defined abs!

    CamRenRai, the hubby loves the long legs, too!

    Maris, jumpsuits are very very tricky. And you have to suck in your tummy the entire time! But they're comfy!

    Nel's Bebi, clips and then Photoshop later. The secret to looking great in photos!

    Maria Argentina, ya, lots of dresses involved when doing the staff shoot. Stressful!

    Shen, pleeeeease buy OK! ever month!

    Everybody, thanks!

  11. You all look so gorgeous! :)

    BTW, I loved the July issue, the one where RPattz is on the cover. :p

  12. you look great on that jumpsuit! but of course, the orange dress is the perfect choice!

    and those binder clips! who would ever thought of sharing that secret... very interesting :)

  13. Austenfan! Thank you for buying OK! magazine =) I think the July issue is fantabulous, too! Wait for our August ish--more Twilight madness!

    Czaroma, thanks--I love that jumpsuit even if it's so very old!

  14. Your EIC photo is very, very lovely, among others. I don't think I ever mentioned this but I think you could easily be a Pond's girl, like that photo of yours during your wedding? It's perfect! Or wait, were you a former Pond's girl? :)


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