Friday, July 10, 2009

More behind-the-scenes shots from the OK! staff shoot

Aha, you guys really enjoyed the posts on the OK! staff photo shoot! Don't know what I'm talking about? Just scroll down for the fun!

I'm posting a few more photos here so you can have another insider's look at what goes on behind a shoot. Then I can delete these photos to free up my HP Mini's computer memory. I've found a lot of fun pics from many years ago that I think you'll chuckle over. Now, onto the last few scenes from behind the staff shoot:

Those gadgets are not phones. Here, the photographer's assistant checks if the lighting and contrast are correct. Lana doesn't appreciate being the guinea pig. But she sure looks fierce!

Ogie, the hairstylist, touches up my hair while Nikki, the stylist, adds a few more binder clips at the back of my dress to cinch my waist and hips. Sonny, our art director, will Photoshop the creases in the dress later on. If he thinks I need a smaller waist, he'd also trim the photo later. He's always complaining I don't have a waist. Well, at least he never complains about my face!

Sonny coaches Kristine on how to do the best pose. His tip: "If the pose hurts, you got it!" And he'll make sure you hold that pose till your muscles start screaming. It's not at all easy so I don't envy models. Their job may look glamorous but I really don't see myself contorting my body for a living.
Marie adds more color to Nikki's face. At shoots, even after the prettifying and styling sessions, the beauty and style team still have to be on standby. Even if the makeup is already perfect, some imperfections still show up on the photo. In this case, the bright lights turned Nikki pale. So more makeup!

Hope this peek was educational. I'll go back to regular silly programming after this.


  1. You all look fabulous! I think the make-up artist and stylist did a great job! The orange dress is perfect for you, Frances :)
    I was going to post a pic of myself in a bright red-orange tunic I made, but the weather's not on my side. It's too cold! It's been raining for days!

    have a great weekend,


    ps - I really appreciated your sweet comment. I have forwared it to my dad, so he may take comfort in it. Thank you!

  2. Haha, cute! Lana does look fierce in that photo. BTW, pa-copy tomorrow ng photos, please? :) (totoo na 'to.. promise :D) Hehe. Thanks!

  3. Super enjoyed our shoot! Frances, I'll grab all our photos ha! :) As in all--wine night, events, etc. :P

  4. "If the pose hurts, you got it!" Ang funny ni Father! Hahaha.

    You guys look great! Ang taray ni Lana! (Ba't walang photo si Father?) And Marie! Oh, my favorite makeup artist!:)

  5. There is no justice in the world. While I get paid to give myself acne, you get paid to wear pretty dresses and get prettified!

    Y'all look lovely. But yep, I agree - the more painful, the more hot and haute =P

  6. Duni, it's been raining buckets here, too! Global warming is strange--the world is actually getting colder!

    Elaine, will give you the pics on Monday!!!

    Nikki, grab away =D

    Tisha, walang photo si Father kasi wala naman siyang column sa OK!. And we love Marie, too!!!

    Chin naman... we get paid to make a magazine! Believe it or not, the shoots are a chore to us writers!


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