Friday, July 17, 2009


Hi everybody! After my recent picture-heavy posts, I'm going to rest and just be text-heavy today.

So been away for a week. I'm still alive. Barely made it on Wednesday--a super migraine as big as Manila hit me at 2 PM and by 8 PM, I could barely see, or even stand up. By 9 PM, and this time I had gotten home, Vince wanted to bring me to the ER; he said I looked ashen. But I figured all I needed was complete silence and darkness and a very thick blanket. Oh, and a mighty strong pain killer. Got knocked out as soon as I hit the pillow. I was fine the next morning. Thank goodness! That was a nightmare since I was at the printing press the entire day doing final editing on the August issue. So, my OK! readers, if you spot some typos in next month's issue, I apologize.

Before and after that nightmare, I've been incredibly busy. So busy I haven't had time to even cook (unlike my darling friend Mariel who I truly do envy now). It's been fast food every single day for the last two weeks. Michael Jackson's death had a lot to do with it as we pulled out stories to make way for his tribute--which we had to constantly update now that the toxicology report's out and his death is being treated as a homicide.

I've also been going to Aesthetic Science for Reshape treatments--I didn't do the Mesotherapy anymore because I got scared when I heard it swells you up. Well, joke's on me--Reshape also causes some swelling and so the tummy I was hoping to get rid of is now bigger than ever (hence no photos!). Everyone thinks I'm bloody pregnant. I've been exercising, too, to help the Reshape along. The doctor did say I needed to watch my diet on top of the exercising and treatment, but though I've been getting referrals for the best diet pills out there, I just can't bring myself to diet when I'm just 110 lbs. Yes, even though I subsist on fast food, I'm still underweight. Sigh. Here's hoping the swelling will go down soon and I'll be rid of this strangely swollen tummy.

Aside from the bad news, it's been a week of happy stuff, too. I had gone to a flurry of events, wrote (yey! I'm writing again!), and received some fabulous things in the mail. I'll post updates soonest. Will bombard you even. Let me just go through this cold cold rainy Friday. Now off to do my Hip-Hop Abs! See ya later!


  1. Hi Frances!
    I'm a migraine sufferer too. Have you tried all-natural blueberry extract pills? You might have to order these off the internet. They have alleviated my attacks somewhat.
    Also, your 'swollen tummy' could be an allergic reaction to certain foods, i.e. wheat (bread, cake, cookies etc). I weigh very little, however my tummy swells up like a balloon when I eat too much bread!
    Hope you figure everything out...

    take care,


  2. Oh no! I've always had a distended tummy--even when I was a teenager and weighed 89 lbs. I always joked all my fat went to my tummy but you may actually be right. I'll go see a doctor. Thanks!

  3. Swollen as in bloated? Maybe it's all the sodium in the fast food. I'm a big bloater so whenever I binge on carbs and sodium, I can see it in my arms and tummy the next day!


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