Sunday, July 26, 2009

New trinkets from a friend in the UK

Laura, the lovely author of the stylish blog Daisy Chain Dreams, sent over these pretty necklaces all the way from Bristol.

This is much nicer than I expected. Really too bad the picture doesn't do it any justice at all. It's big, too, and makes an equally big style statement. The yellow glass and the wooden beads give it a Byzantine aura.

I so adore this White Rabbit pendant. It's almost sacrilegious--it has that religious medal feel but the portrait is that of the fussy bunny from Alice in Wonderland--my most favorite book in the world. This was the exact illustration I used for my wedding invitation's RSVP card. I'm in love with it.

Thanks, Laura! I love them! To my readers, do check out her blog--her handmade pieces range from quirky teapot rings to vintage heart jewelry. I'll be shopping again soon. I have my eye on the Alice-inspired pieces, like the Drink Me bottle pendant.

Speaking of favorite books, you can win a Moleskine notebook and a PHP 500 GC if you hop on over to this post. Contest ends on July 29!


  1. i like that bunny pendant too!
    its antique like but oh so pretty!

  2. Both necklaces are beautiful ; I love the second one because the bunny makes the piece really whimsical. :)

  3. Thanks! The bunny pendant is love!

  4. I'm still so glad you liked them. I'm always on the lookout for Alice pieces and I owe you a gift or six so watch this space! x

  5. Oh, Laura, that's sweet but you don't owe me anything! =D


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