Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Meet my neighbor--the nicest girl in the world!

I know that all the women in my Magnificent Women Series are members of my family. Well, God gave me fab women in my family and then He decided that I needed friends. This is where Mariel enters the picture.

Mariel is my angel. I never thought we'd be friends--first, because I wasn't friendly and, second, because she seemed to like food too much. She sat beside me at work and she was always happy and chipper, greeting me every morning with, "Hi, neighbor!" in that bright sweet manner of hers. She'd also always offer me snacks which I'd refuse because I don't like eating when I'm working! Finally, I began eating with her and talking with her and I discovered over sushi and chocolates and pasta that right before me is one shining soul, so bright that God must've lit her from within. I was just so focused on myself that I was blind to the wonderful woman right in front of me!

I love Mariel because she's good. Period. Yes, she's funny and smart and generous and lovable and honest and candid. But what I really love about her is she's a good person with a kind heart and a gentle soul. This is a harsh world we live in and when you meet a good person, it's insanely refreshing.

Mariel is insanely refreshing.

We also talk about everything under the sun--from discussing beauty products, fashion finds and entertaining at home to what we really want in life and the complexity of relationships. We even talk about stuff that aren't under the sun, like what heaven must be like. That was a lovely discussion, by the way! Now that she's about to get married, I can't wait to talk to her about married life--from happy stuff like decorating the house (and choosing between porcelain or stone sinks can merit an entire day of ruminations!) and sharing recipes to the more serious matters like handling money as a couple, fighting fair with the hubby and how to have great sex with the hubby, too!

Dear Neighbor, thank you for the friendship. I am lucky to have met you and even luckier to have shared meals with you. I know I have become a better person since the day you became my friend. You have inspired me with how you love people unconditionally. Because of you, I learned how to forgive my Papa and focus on what he's done for me instead of what he failed to do because I saw how you just accepted people into your life simply because they're there. So I stopped pushing people away, stopped being choosy with who I talk to and be friends with, stopped being a snob because of you. You are beautiful in every possible way and I want to be as beautiful as you. Love ya!

Be inspired by my Neighbor, too! Check out her wonderful blog, NY Minute Now, right now!

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  1. Wow, Neighbor, I'm stumped! This is so amazing! I never even thought of almost half of what you said! (Because as you may have noticed, I'm always second-guessing myself haha.) Thanks so so much for this, it's heartwarming...I'm going to keep reading it because you wrote so many wonderful things. Love you, too and can't wait to talk about lots more things, and of course, have lots of food along the way! :)

  2. BY THE WAY, that 'citrusy' photo is one of my favorites to date. Sadly I no longer fit into that dress haha but yes, I love everything about that picture! It's like a special time capsule among a handful other things.

  3. What a lovely post. By the way, I used to be driven crazy by a sweet guy I worked with who asked, "How goes it?" in the exact same intonation every day...but I'm friends with him anyway!

  4. And you forgot to mention how she really loves to bake sweet treats! I read her blog regularly and I find that trait particularly endearing!

  5. Neighbor, I can hardly squeeze into my orange dress, too! =D Must be all the food we eat. Ah, the good life!

    WendyB, haha, ya, Mariel used to drive me crazy, too, with her chirpy "Hi, neighbor!" Now, I chirp, too!

    Anna, that's why I wanted my readers to read Mariel's blog and discover for themselves how her sweetness can't be contained, she makes sweet goodies as a result!

  6. I love your Magnificent Women Series. It further reaffirms my belief in the inherent goodness of people. And i think you're magnificent yourself, because you notice them.:)

  7. hahahahaha her sweetness spills over to the treats she bakes hahaha that's a funny way to describe it

  8. Frances, I was also won over Mariel's goodness. At first I thought, why is she so chirpy all the time?! Noon pala, ganun talaga sya!! And guess what? She even cleaned my mouse one time, kasi gusto nya lang! Grabe!! :)

  9. Hi Frances!
    I really enjoyed reading this post. Aren't you lucky to have such a nice colleague! Mariel sounds like an awesome person!

    ps - we're on the same continent at the moment :)


  10. I can definitely feel her optimism whenever I read her blog :)


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