Monday, September 07, 2009

The Rabbit Family--our pictures by Galady's bedside

I'll get to my Magnificent Women Series soonest. I've purposely refrained from writing more serious stuff and have been distracting myself recently with shallowness because there's real sadness pervading the house this past week. My baby, Galadriel Rabbit, is very very sick. And we're afraid this is it.
Galady is 7 years old and 6 months. That's very old in rabbit years. She's really slow and mellow now, although she always gets excited and greedy whenever there's food around. Just last June, I posted about her and Matilda. She looked like this:
Still healthy and happy, tolerating Matilda's naughtiness. But I've noticed over August that Galady would usually just stay in one place now, napping, but once she sees me with food, up she goes to greet me. Last weekend, however, my sweet Galady suddenly didn't get up anymore. She'd hobble about but she'd quickly get exhausted. She's also lost a huge amount of weight in a few days. Galady now looks like this:
Only Matilda, food, Vince and me seem to wake her from her stupor. Most of the time, she just lies quietly, unmoving, gently lapping at her water bowl. I've moved her back to her cage so she can be more comfy and to keep her from Matilda's roughhousing. She enjoys being hand-fed and me singing lullabyes to her, especially "Ugoy ng Duyan," her favorite. Then she sighs and closes her eyes and I cry quietly while she sleeps.
My heart is breaking slowly and then it heals and jumps for joy when I wake in the morning and see those huge ears up and those big brown eyes alert. Yet... It won't be long now, I guess. I'm just really having a hard time saying good-bye to my baby girl.


  1. This is still a serious post. :(

  2. I'm praying Galady makes it longer.. I remember crying over my puppy, too, years ago and I understand how it can be so heartbreaking..

  3. Thanks for the love. I'm really not ready to let go of my baby yet =(

  4. I bet she looks adorable with the chocolate truffle nail polish. =) Hope she'll get better...

  5. It's always hard to lose a pet :-(
    My parents' dog is really deteriorating. She's about 14. Very sad.

  6. Awwwww. Hugs for you, Frances. =(

  7. Fish, I think she didn't like it =)

    WendyB and DaisyChain, yes, heartbreak every single day =(

    Thanks, Kabbie =)


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