Monday, September 14, 2009


In the first two posts on My Magnificent Women Series, I told you about my sisters Jacqui and Rose. I have truly been blessed with the most wonderful sisters because Lizelle, Anj and Reza have shown me the utmost kindness and acceptance.

Lizelle always offers me help and advice from housekeeping to managing little girls. She's also shown me how big a mother's heart can be and how it can swallow up every hurt and disappointment and make them all a joy. She's even shown me that it can welcome in even kids that aren't its own--that's how generous Lizelle's heart is.

Anj has shown me friendship and how fun that can be and we'd giggle over the most ridiculous things, making me realize that a woman may be self-sacrificing most times but that doesn't make her a soulless creature.

And then there's Reza, tenderhearted and kind and gentle. She's so capable and trustworthy--if it weren't for her, I wouldn't have gotten married in a nice church! Nothing ever seems to faze this remarkable woman and yet one mention of my poor nieces and her heart breaks for them.

I also want to add that if it weren't for my sisters-in-law, I wouldn't have had my gorgeous wedding! I never wanted to get married, you see, so I really had no clear idea of what I wanted for my wedding. Then Vince and I suddenly wanted to get wed and Lizelle, Anj and Reza (plus a few of my friends!) were the ones who took care of most everything. I had a wedding beautiful beyond my wildest dreams (well, I didn't have any!) and I do want to thank my sisters for all the work they put in, even though I didn't ask.

Dear Lizelle, Anj and Reza, thank you for welcoming me into the Sales family. I've always been a little in awe of you because you're all such fabulous achievers and homemakers at the same time. You've shown me that family is always top priority and that though wifehood and motherhood come with their own trials and travails, they can be fun, too! I guess I'll have to confess that by observing you and how you live your lives, I have come to want to be like you--women who are walking examples of kindness, generosity and love.

Magnificent Woman 1: Jacqui
Magnificent Woman 2: Rose


  1. Frances, this brought tears to my eyes! Thank you for including me in your Magnificent Women Series. I am honored! Let me say that you are pretty magnificent too! Vince is so lucky to have found you and, in turn, made us lucky to have you in our family. Love you, Frances!

  2. The kindness and generosity of the people we are surrounded by is a reflection of your true self. Isn't it wonderful?

  3. Love ya, too, Lizelle! You and everyone else are always in my prayers, especially little Tom =)

    Duni, you're so sweet to me =)


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