Sunday, September 06, 2009

What dress is this? Help!

Saw this quirky fun dress on eBay:The seller said it's an Anna Sui. If you click on the photo, you can just barely make out ANNA SUI on the black label.

When I googled it, however, another eBay seller was selling it--the identical dress!--as a Marc Jacobs.
Ack! What is it really? I need to know before I bid! And I want to bid on the right one! Or is this another case of the ladybug dress?

UPDATE: Gorgeous fashion writer Leona told me it's actually a Lanvin from the Spring 08 collection! Oh my! Guess I'm not getting this one, then. Thanks, Leona!


  1. What a mix up!
    I'm wary of buying on ebay - too many black sheep, if you ask me!
    That's a unique dress though. It's something I'd wear :)

  2. thats a perfect shirt! it was a great shopping :)

  3. Duni, ya, I want it, too, if it were real! Grrr to fake eBay goods!

    Becca, it wasn't good shopping at all. It's a fake so I didn't buy it =(

  4. OMG are you serious? I sold this dress at my store for like 500! If I had known it was a Lanvin I'd have kept it!


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