Sunday, September 27, 2009

Thank you, my Magnificent Women!

To my Magnificent Women, this month is my tribute to you and to who you are to me. Thank you for showing me that there is grace in humility, freedom in forgiveness, beauty in kindness, joy in generosity and power in unconditional love. Because of you, I want to be a better person. Please know that you are an inspiration and a source of joy to me.

So... I wanted to save this surprise for Christmas but I've learned the value of not saving lovely things for another day when I can make your day lovely today! Hence, I'm giving you all a little token of my appreciation!

To Jacqui, here is the latest KC Concepcion-designed hoodie*, for all your adventures! It symbolizes protection and warmth and hugs because you're going to need those in life, and I may not always be there but I pray you'll always be safe and warm.
To Rose, so that your loveliness will glow even better, here's a gift certificate to a diamond peel at Aesthetic Science! May your goodness shine through for everyone--including the blind, like I once was--to see!
To Lizelle, shop away at The Body Shop with these gift certificates! I know you are always caring for others but I hope you can choose some stuff to pamper yourself, like a bath gel, a rich lotion or scented oils.

To Anj, for that special occasion (and I know you and Lit like to take some "just us" time), have your makeup done professionally by the artists at Make Up For Ever. So you can look even more gorgeous!
To Reza, here's a gift certificate to a body scrub and massage at Aesthetic Science. May you always find time for yourself since I know you devote all your time for your boys!

To Mommy Digna, I got you Ina Garten's book. I know you are a fantastic cook but Ina reminds me of how the best things in life are simple and usually found right underneath our noses and our roofs. You taught me that, too.
To Mariel, here are gift certificates to VNC because when it comes to shoes, we're sisters! May our shoes take us to more adventures and pleasures and places!
Ladies, please indulge yourselves a bit! Thank you for helping fill the hole that another Magnificent Woman left in my heart when she passed away a year ago today. She always wanted me to be a good person and because of her and because of you, I think I'm finally on my way there. Thank you.

Magnificent Woman 1: Jacqui
Magnificent Woman 2: Rose

Magnificent Women 3: Lizelle, Anj and Reza

Magnificent Woman 4: Mom

Magnificent Woman 5: Mariel

*Buy a BAYO hoodie specially designed by KC Concepcion and help feed hungry children. Proceeds of these limited edition hoodies and shirts will go to the UN World Food Programme, of which KC is an ambassador.


  1. Bless your generous heart, Frances :)

  2. Oh, lovely, lovely! Thank you so much, Neighbor, hugs! Now all the more I'm excited to be back in town, and yes we shall push forward and enjoy beautiful shoes along the way :)

  3. you are such a wonderfully kind hearted person darling.


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