Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Life has changed

This is a video right after Christmas 2007. Our pet rabbit Galady got jealous of a stuffed toy I got as a gift!

Well, it seems Galady Wabbit has suffered a stroke. Her left leg is paralyzed--she doesn't even feel me tapping it or pinching it. She will or perhaps already has had another stroke because she's losing the rest of her left side. She is deteriorating rapidly and life has drastically changed for all of us here at Casa Kuneho.

Since Galady can't get up, she pees and poops all over herself. It's an awful mess, I tell you, and it's causing horrible urine burns. Today, as I was giving her her bath, huge clumps of hair fell off her entire left side and I burst into tears. After all we've gone through, seeing all that hair on my hand was the worst.

Oh well. The good part of that is it's so much easier to dry her off. No need for the blowdryer, which she hates. And it's easier to apply the antibacterial cream!

Here's Galady the night she came home seven-and-a-half years ago. Isn't she a darling? Anyway, I am happy to say that the situation has improved (yes!) because we stumbled upon the site of a fellow disabled-rabbit owner, who wrote that she used those raised plastic beds with holes--meant for disabled dogs. This has been the best advice since now Galady doesn't have to soak in her pee and the kitty litter underneath the plastic beds absorb everything--even the smell.

It's also solved the problem of Galady and Matilda's longing for each other. In the past weeks, Galady had to remain locked up in her cage. But with the plastic beds on one corner of the laundry room, Matilda can now visit and cuddle. Both wabbits are happy!

Vince and me, too! Still, I cry a lot these days. And, if you've noticed, I can't blog as often. Life with a disabled rabbit is much much different; for example, we've had to check on her constantly. It's a good thing the office is just across the street! So we've quickly adjusted so it's all good!

Right now, I'm sprawled on the floor beside Galady. She's in her cage tonight, with the top removed (see here). The netbook is in front of me and I'm trying to catch up with my blog-hopping. We're both listening to Taylor Swift. Unlike Kanye, we both like Taylor Swift a lot--Galady's ears always go up high when Taylor's singing.

Anyway, I'll go now. I badly need a bath--I smell like rabbit pee and I think I have rabbit poop flecks stuck everywhere because Galady always flails about when I lower her into the basin of warm soapy water.

It's all good. I know it's disgusting but it's proof she's still alive and I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. I'm glad to hear that Galady is still alive :) So sorry to hear that she suffered a stroke. I almost cried when I read the words. I hope she keeps holding on, especially now that Matilda can cuddle! :)

  2. Frances, so sorry to hear about Galady. Hang in there!

  3. this post was hard to read. i'm so sorry galady is not well. my heart hurts. it still hurts from last week, we lost our pet turtle "tuy-tuy" who's been with us for almost six years. tuytuy died in his tank, he bit the electrical wire and got electrocuted. my heart hurts.

    i can feel your love for galady. she was with you for a long time. and she's such a cute wabbit.

    take care...

  4. ei Frances, I'm so sorry about Galadriel, I know how heart-wrenching it can be, but it's better than not having her beside you. Went through the same thing when Chow was paralyzed, bed sores, medications, cleaning up...

    Just be prepared too. One of the saddest things in life is that we will almost always outlive our little friends. hugs.

  5. there is nothing more painful than seeing someone you love wither away... i'm hoping galady is out of pain and adjusting to the new lifestyle. its good matilda is with her to keep her company. i remember once when i had to take duke to VIP at 12midnight because he was pooping blood. it was along ride from kapitolyo and my heart doesn't stop raising thinking he had parvo. i didn't sleep the whole night til morning always checking if he was breathing. i didn't want to wake and find him gone. :( good thing he receovered from a diff illness and now is ready to hump duchess.

    you're a good parent to galady and i'm sure she knows that and loves you for it. :)

    get well soon galady.. prayers are with you..

  6. We had a rabbit once, when I was a freshman in highschool. She stayed indoors with us and then when she got bigger she moved to a bamboo home right outside the door, under the santol tree. We left for a weekend with the entire family and I left her in the care of trusty neighbors. When we got back she was gone. I didn't get to say goodbye.

    I hope it isn't goodbye yet for Galady, nonetheless she's one lucky rabbit to have enjoyed your love all these years :)

  7. Thanks everybody. Your kindness means a lot. Please keep sending positive thoughts and energy to Galady!!!


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