Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick updates

Busy, busy, busy with...

1. organizing inventory of items for sale to raise funds for Mio's chemotherapy. Check latest batch of products here and make sure to buy! It's for a good cause!

2. events! Anlene Milk launched new endorser Charlene Gonzales last Tuesday and a bone scan told me I am at moderate risk of getting osteoporosis. So I'll need to eat more green leafy veggies and fish (I'm lactose-intolerant so no Anlene for me!) and get more sunlight and exercise.

Then last night, Ayala Malls launched their Greenology cause--the Filipino Zone in Greenbelt 5 will be selling dresses, gowns, tops, skirts and breeches plus shoes, bags and accessories made of environment-friendly materials. The sale is only until the end of September.

While that's cool, what I found more interesting was the fact that all Ayala Malls are now using green technology in their buildings. There are now green roofs (gardens on roofs not only add greenery and help absorb CO2 in the city's air, they also help keep buildings cooler, lessening the need for airconditioning). There's even the ice-cooling technology I've seen in other countries where buildings make ice at night; then during the day, the melting ice water is used to cool buildings. It's amazing!

3. organizing a baby shower for Joanna, who is due in a couple of weeks!

4. Galady, who is actually feeling better. Yey! I guess there are good days and there are bad days. I'll just have to thank God there are still more good days for my baby girl!

5. and, last but certainly the most time-consuming, the magazine. Aside from editing and approving pages, I promoted OK! mag on radio and on web TV, which means this week was dress-up and makeup week and I really find spending time in front of the mirror a huge chore!

That's all! Will be back with better tidbits soon! Enjoy your Friday!


  1. hi frances.. hope u can post somethin about the baby shower your doin for your friend.. im hosting one for my besties.. need a lot of ideas.. have a nice weekend.. :)

  2. It seems like you are very busy. Keep up the good work. :)

  3. Hello, busy bee! :) Good luck with everything and more power to Ok!

  4. I'm glad Galady's feeling better :D Yippee!
    Tip on getting ready for TV guestings, why don't you visit the nearest makeup counters and ask their makeup artists to do their magic? Let me know if you need help, so I can hook you up :) Nothing beats being made up, while you relax or focus on preparing for your guestings :D

  5. you've reminded me I NEED a bone scan doing asap.

  6. Kay, it isn't my baby shower so I can't write about it, especially since Joanna is a very private girl. I don't think she'll like me posting photos of her party! Suffice it to say, we had a lovely time--it was simple and intimate, none of the silly games and lavish decor. Have fun with yours!

    StyleKit, thanks for the advice but I hardly have any time to go to the mall before the guesting! I used to do that (thanks to John Pagaduan of Shu Uemura!) but recent schedule can't squeeze it in anymore so I put makeup in the car! =(

    DaisyChain, indeed, especially since you smoke! =)


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