Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mio's benefit concert moved

In the midst of all the tragedy that Typhoon Ondoy brought, I haven't forgotten the little boy I've adopted in my heart. I'll be posting new stuff for sale for Mio's chemotherapy later this week--let me just visit my family (the roads are finally clear of floodwater!) and then we'll get down to the business of fighting cancer.

To those who bought tickets or was planning to go: The Mio Fights Cancer Benefit Concert has been moved to October 9.

I don't really know why this cause has affected me so much since cancer hasn't actually touched me (asthma, endometriosis and migraine are my health issues) but I just suddenly felt that cancer in all its forms (leukemia, breast, bone, stomach, lung, etc!) should not be anyone's problem anymore. There's enough pain in this world and then we have children, mothers, fathers, people we love dying because their bodies have turned against them. It's not right and we should all fight against it!


  1. Hi Frances, I was supposed to go to this concert for Mio. Any news on when it'll push thru?

    BTW, glad to know you & your family are safe after the typhoon. Let's continue helping the victims & praying for them =)

    Take care!

  2. Neuro, it's on October 9 na. Yep, still praying... and praising God Pepeng has slowed down and weakened!


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