Sunday, September 27, 2009

The sun is shining bright

The flood waters are quickly receding. It was like yesterday's storm never happened. Until the news reports said that there are 72 dead, 21 missing. While I feel bad about that, considering how huge the storm was and the devastation it caused, that number is quite low. Thank God for Filipinos and our innate instinct for survival! Still, as the waters recede, that number will most likely still climb. And then there's the loss of and damage to property to reckon with.

It was surreal looking at images from all over the city--maybe this is how the country will look like when global warming reaches its zenith. In Cainta, a huge town that was, according to its mayor, "one hundred per cent underwater," the Coast Guard had to help with the rescue operation. The Coast Guard! Cainta is by the foothills of the Sierra Madre!

Still, when I look at news reports and photos, I can't help but giggle. While Filipinos are waist deep in murky water, tired, hungry, cold and wet, when they see the cameras, the first thing they do is--wave and cheer! "Hello!" they shout happily, jumping up and down. You just gotta love a people who can laugh at the face of such disaster! Vince said, "This is why we get all these terrible things--we can take them all!"

My family is safe--they were able to save a few things, and are now busy with inspecting the damage. They're funny actually, laughing and joking with me over the phone. They're okay but the damages are huge. Still, we rejoice that we are all alive and safe and talking again. I'm frustrated, however--I can't even get to them because of the floods! I spent the night awake with worry but at 3am, the skies were so clear, I can see the stars, then I knew in my heart that despite what the satellite images showed and what the weather bureaus said, God had swept away the storm clouds. Thank you for your prayers!


  1. I could barely sleep, too. My brother stayed in his school but is now home safely in Araneta Ave. Glad to hear your family is safe and sound. I was thinking the same about Filipinos still smiling even if wading in floods. :)

  2. Hello Frances,
    when I heard the news I immediately thought of you -- I'm glad to read that you and your family are safe. I'm staying in HK at the moment, so we're getting the tail end of Ondoy, but not a direct hit. It's raining so heavily we're hotel bound for the rest of the day. Oh well.
    Let's hope the weather improves for the region soon!!!

    ps - loved your word verification :)

  3. It hurts to even just think about the people affected, and the feeling clashes with my gratefulness that my sister and I weren't affected. Buti there are donation centers in the office and everywhere so I can give a little bit of help to those people.


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