Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Behind-the-scenes at Mariel's wedding

So many cute photos from Mariel's wedding so here are more!

The night before the wedding, maid of honor Kai Morales and matron of honor me trooped to Mariel's suite to go over the details of the big day.

Then all of Mariel's friends came by to help with the souvenirs. We all had to fold boxes for the candy bar and guests can just scoop all the candy and chocolate they want into the boxes!

Next morning was bright and sunshiny! Vince and me at the hotel lobby, gathering with all the other guests to board our coasters that will take us to the church.

Outside the church, we wait with Kai. It's breezy in the shadow of the cathedral but inside, ooh wow, it was hot!

The reception was held on the beach. This is my first beach wedding! It's very relaxed and happy. What I really like about Mariel's wedding was it still looked so fabulous! A lot of beach weddings I see in magazines are so... blah. 

Gorgeous guests: photographer Monica Barretto, Martha Stewart Weddings Philippines editor-in-chief Tata Mapa and makeup artist Marie Calica.

I really should put all these nice pics in a USB stick and plug it into our unused digital frame that we got for free when Vince bought his computer monitor last year. Yep, we have a really nice digital frame that we aren't using! But with all the pics I have now, I think it's time to fire it up.

Oh, for more on Mariel's wedding, click here and here.

Photos by Monica Barretto.


  1. Didn't realize from your previous posts that it was a beach wedding. Super perfect and summery, complements Mariel's personality (from what I can sense from her blog.) Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and happenings, F!

  2. lovely wedding :)
    i want to get married sa beach na din tuloy :)
    you look pretty in yellow frances! :D

  3. Your dresses are so bright, it makes the mood sunny! =D I haven't attended a beach wedding and I'd love too because I'm a water freak, so if I get married, that will be on top of my list. =)

  4. Lovely dresses! :) The floral appliques really add character. I also love the idea of having an "all-you-can-take" candy and chocolate bar. Will include this in my party ideas swipe file.

  5. BUTI KA PA, Neighbor, you've already blogged about my wedding while I have yet to finish going over my inbox hehehe. Thanks so much for posting! And blogging! You know the wedding wouldn't have been as fantastic, fabulous, and amazing if it weren't for all the loved ones, friends, and family who traveled all the way out of town to celebrate with us. I still smile looking at all the pictures!

  6. where was the reception held?

    thank you.

  7. Thanks, Superchuboink and DaisyChain!

    Anonymous, it's at Be Hotel at Mactan, Cebu.

    Mariel! I miss ya!!!


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