Monday, March 01, 2010

Must blog furiously

Been veeeeery busy these past few weeks preparing for two weddings of two very good friends. So I've been neglecting my blogging work from PayU2Blog and that's money down the drain! So I'll be blogging a lot this week to catch up.

Anyway, I want to know what you guys do to earn money through blogging. I know blogging is supposed to be just an online diary, an outlet of thoughts, but I'm a writer and I write for a living. I gotta get paid whenever I write! So even if this is an online diary, if I can earn from it, I will!

When I went to the Nuffnang Awards in Singapore last October, I met many bloggers who are literally earning thousands of dollars through their blogs. They told me about selling ad space on your blog and manipulating the best SEO tools (SEO means search engine optimization) so that you earn a lot from Google Adsense. Like I said, these people earn thousands of dollars from their blogging!

Me? Let's see... I've earned about $750 from the paid blogging network I belong to and P5,000 from Nuffnang. That's from months and months of being a member so divide that up and that's really just pocket money for me (about 3K-5K a month). From Adsense, not much at all, around $60, which I haven't been able to cash out because they'll only send you the money if your earnings have reached $100. Clearly, I have no idea how Adsense and SEO works! If you know of any class or seminar that will educate me on this, drop me a comment below!


  1. Wow, F! Congrats on earning a decent amount through your blog =) I've not touched so much on making my blog earn money for me but I'm attending this seminar at Ateneo Rockwell, baka you might be interested:

    Anyhoo, more power to your blog! Thank you for being inspiring to us other bloggers and for sharing best practices. Mwah!

  2. $750 is a lot! Pocket money is pocket money. :) I'm earning more through Nuffnang than Google Adsense, too. Haven't tried paid-blogging. It doesn't help that the ads Google displays on my site are almost all political!

  3. wow! i never thought money can be earned through blogging! and i was soo into getting the freebies from other bloggers, haha! i would love to earn from blogging if that would be enough to allow me to quit call center job and be a work at home mom!

    more power to your blog! :D

  4. Teeyah, ang mahal naman mag-enrol sa class na yan! Haha. Tell me how it goes, okay?

    Soapaholic, ya, money is money. Still kinda small compared to some bloggers I know but it's shopping money! =D

    Bianca, my friends actually do stay at home and earn money through blogging and other online activities. I think some of them earn more than I do as an editor actually!

  5. HI Frances can I please ask how much a blogger in PayU2blog earns per assignment? Like per link? You must get the higher rates to accumulate $750! Or all bloggers receive same rate per assignment? Also how often do you receive your assignments? Per week? You get new ones once you finish the previous batch?

    Sorry for all these questions I'm a new member there and I have no idea what's happening heheh

  6. Nicey, it's $5 per assignment. That's one link per assignment.

    No, I just get the $5 per assignment--it's just that I get a lot of assignments. Remember, that's $750 over 13 months so that's not a lot. And I don't even do all of them because I do have a job that pays waaaaay more than blogging does!

    I get about 20 assignments a month average. You actually decide how many you get in a month. But if you work hard, they give you extra work. Sometimes, I get a lot, like 10 a week. Like I said, I don't do them all.

    The work comes every Wednesday and Friday, whether you finished the previous assignments or not. You have about 2 weeks or so to write and if you don't, they stop giving you work. So I really try to write but sometimes I can't because I'm so busy!

  7. I will! I wasn't paying for it naman, my company is. But I'll share it on my blog after. Thanks, F!

  8. Frances thanks for answering all my questions! You're such a sweetheart. :)

  9. First time I've read your blog through D.Osena's. Re paid blog, you may want to ask Noemi Lardizabal-Dado who makes a living out of blogging. She's also on facebook!/noemidado. I hope you'll find this helpful.


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