Wednesday, March 10, 2010

We bought these instead

The home plan this year was to buy a new sofa. The sofa we have is from Vince's days as a bachelor. When we got married, I had it reupholstered and it now looks like this:

Thing is, when Vince bought the sofa from Our Home in 2002, it cost him just P10,000. When I had it reupholstered in 2007, it cost me P12,000. Vince thought that was ridiculous (but, hey, it looks much better!) so he's been bugging me to approve the purchase of a new sofa. The problem with the current situation is my husband's taste has vastly improved--Our Home just doesn't cut it anymore so he's been lusting for the contemporary sofas in BoConcept. Starting price for sofas in Bo's? P120,000! So I've been saying, "No, no, no!"

But the last time we visited Bo's, he fell in love--and I kinda did, too--with the Largo sofa above (the one we saw was a dark gold). It's this plush comfy sink-in-heaven sofa that also came with a price tag that was just unbelievable. Unbelievable! But... we decided to buy it anyway! Then the rising costs of my pregnancy and the realization that the baby will be one expensive critter made us rethink the sofa. So... good-bye perfect sofa!

Feeling very deprived is not a good feeling, however. So we logged onto Amazon and bought these instead:

Olympus PEN EPL-1--the camera Vince has been wanting to buy since we found out about Jelly Bean!

We bought it with the Panasonic LUMIX pancake lens, too.

Then Vince just had to buy this horrible thing: the BioShock 2 Big Daddy plush doll. It really gives me the creeps!

And I just had to buy these fantastic books:

I'm so excited for my books! They're all hardcover editions--and they're huge books! I can't wait! And, yes, they're for me, not for the Jelly Bean. Not to worry, if the Bean is anything like us, it will be devouring the books in the library in no time!

We used Johnny Air to have the stuff shipped here. We bought from Amazon before, you see, and the package of books Vince bought ended up in the post office some 20 weeks later. When we got it, the package had been tampered with and the books had been definitely looked through. So much for security.

But when I used Johnny Air to buy a few pairs of shoes, the shoes were delivered to the New York office in 3 days then to the Megamall office in 12 days, totaling 15 days from purchase to delivery. My package was also untouched. Fast and secure!

I'll give a report as soon as the stuff arrives--I'll tell you guys if the gadgets especially arrived safe and sound. Chuvaness told me that Johnny Air can be trusted absolutely (she buys her cameras from Amazon and uses Johnny Air, too!) so we're really keeping our fingers crossed that things will go well with our delivery. If so, then good-bye shopping malls!


  1. awww, I've held that camera and been amazed by it! Can't wait for you and Vince to receive what both of you have ordered! Exciting! Who knows..someday, you'll end up purchasing the SOFA bought you and Vince has been wishing for :)

  2. It's a beautiful condo. It looks like something from that lifestyle show, Merged or something. :) Read that annoying comment and thought that the one who made it is such a negative person.

  3. Whoa, the toy! Is that even a toy? It creeps me out too. Hay, men and their weird taste in playthings.

    I am drooling over your books, just drooling. Please do share about your Johnny Air experience, I'm wondering if they're safe for jewelry.

  4. goodness, bad time to catch up on your blog! i'm weaning myself from shopping, AND not allowing myself inside bookstores, and i have to see this! lol.

    lovely purchases frances! have great fun!

  5. Those hardcover books are a great addition to your library.
    Of course the sofa is nice too :)
    Have a look at KOINOR -- they do stylish sofas that don't leave a gaping hole in your bank account!
    Hope all is well your end, Frances!

  6. I love Johnny Air! Ordered an airbrush set recently and I got it in 6 days! Amazing. :)

  7. I'm curious about the Olympus (of course it's the camera that catches my attention heehee). Post pics soon! :)

  8. Great books indeed. However, I think Jelly Bean might also enjoy the classic Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny, both by Margaret Wise Brown.

    I know my girls couldn't get enough of them when they were little...

  9. Askmewhats, really?! Argh, now I can't wait!!! And I hope we do get to own a nice new sofa--ours is already 8 years old!

    Tani, thanks =)

    Dea, ya, creepy! I'll do a post as soon as I get the stuff!

    Ria, ya, buying books is never a regret so don't stop yourself!

    Duni, Koinor looks good but the shipping cost will kill me!

    Kabbie, 6 days?! I can't wait na talaga! Sana we get our stuff soonest, too. I expect mga 2 weeks from now pa but I'm so impatient!

    TwistedHalo, Vince says it's a fabulous camera. Askmewhats says so, too!

    Chinachix, like I said, the books are NOT for the baby--the annotations are these historical stuff written on the side, like corrupt politicians, sexual deviations and other nasty (cool!) stuff. But if the Bean takes after me--I was reading the encyclopedia by age 6--he/she will enjoy all the annotations, too!

  10. hi, frances. I love your posts. Very refreshing. Also saw that article in RL.Your place is very spacious. The hubby and I just recently decided on investing in a 22 sqm fully furnished 2br unit, and after seeing your space, it made me think if that's a wise investment. =( . Oh, and btw, you don't believe in "Plan B" right? so I don't think that post in femalenetwork is prophetic. =)

  11. aww! you're changing couch na? i love the previous one pa naman. :( it's so chic and quaint eh. :)

    saw the comment on the Fn. what a very sad person she is.

    the cam looks fun, saw ads of it already. like lx3 ata, right? :) hehehe! the doll looks like a voodoo doll.. scary nga. :) hehehe.. boys and their stuff. :)

    the books are just something i could see you reading to reading to jelly bean.. :)

    btw, are you making a nursery? that i'd love to see!

  12. hi! how do you use johnny air? i you need to have an account there? thanks.

  13. I love the books -- and the BioShock doll! I want to give one a home hahaha.

  14. 120K for a couch? way too expensive... just have one made exactly like it. hahaha! it wont be the same, but its gonna be cheaper! we just had a couch made for the clinic, it's really nice and cheapo!

    the one who made ours makes the couch in zunic and other salons... so they must be good!

  15. Liz, thanks! Yes, our home is more than 100sqm in a fantastic location. Don't worry about your purchase--any property is still an asset.

    Shen, nah, we're not changing sofas yet--can't afford the Bo's yet! And nope, we're not buying anything for the baby yet--I want to wait till it's here! Yes, sad bitter people are everywhere! Whats LX3? When it comes to gadgets, I'm extremely ignorant =)

    Anonymous, I'll write about Johnny Air soon.

    Crickette, ack, actually it was 250K. We don't mind the cost really because you're paying for the quality of the materials, its durability and the design--so if you look at it that way, 250K for a couch is super cheap. We've already looked at mga pagawa places but sa tela pa lang, sobrang iba na. And that sink-in-heaven feeling? We haven't found that yet sa mga pagawa places! Some day, some day...

  16. I actually like you current sofa, Frances! =) Shocks, I didn't realize some sofas can cost 250k, whew, that's steep, I don't think I can buy that, I won't be able to sleep in weeks! LOLOL. =P

    But hey, you and Vince are both working hard, so you deserve it. I hope you get the perfect sofa in time. =)

  17. I just got back from Female Network, and just want to say that your home is sooo nice! and it's even nicer to know that Vince decorated everything. Galing naman! =D It's so hard to find men who are into housekeeping. Argh.

    And with the nasty comment, I may not be a believer of marriage too, but the comment is just uncalled for and inappropriate. =/

  18. I'd love to harbor the couch just in case daddy vince and mommy topaz decides to get a bigger one to make room for jelly bean. :) hehehe! :) Just kidding. :) but really, i'm in first line when the garage sale opens. :)

  19. Frances, what does the push doll do?! Kalerkey Mwahahaha


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