Sunday, March 07, 2010

The gift that rocks!

Someone, impressed with my husband's gift-giving skills, asked me why I didn't blog about Vince's Christmas gift to me. Well, because by the time December and January came along, I was in the midst of that first trimester madness and totally forgot that my Christmas--despite all the morning sickness, sleepiness, fatigue, etc--was extremely happy and blessed!

So what did Vince give me for Christmas? Actually, we gave this to each other because we both wanted it and since it was kinda not cheap, we both decided it'll be perfect for us both! We got ourselves this:
 Just look at that smile on my face!
 Unwrapping giddily. I'm the guitarist. I'm really good at it!
Vince is the drummer. He's really good at it, too. 
Me? I can never get the hang of it!

Happiness! We totally love Rock Band 2! Super funnest game ever! Ya, I know the girls reading this are disappointed ("A video game? WTF?!") but you have to understand I'm a geek and I'm really good at some video games. That would make me every guy's dream girl, right? But Vince doesn't even want to play with me sometimes because I can get fiercely competitive. It's not about having fun for me, it's about annihilating the enemy (and if you're the other guy, that would mean killing you). Worse, I'm a sore loser. I don't take defeat lightly at all, which makes playing games with me totally not fun. 

But Rock Band is just fun. Fun! Fun! Fun! I've never had so much fun playing with others--we've even done Rock Band parties because it's the kind of game that just makes everyone happy.


  1. I totally get why this is the best gift ever! I am in love with video games myself and Rock Band 2 is a dream :) And I love that pink tree of yours, too :)

  2. Get it! Get it! Get it! It's TONS OF FUN! Totally worth the price; actually with all the fun we've had, I now think it's actually quite inexpensive!

    Hehe, that pink tree was totally neglected last Christmas. We played Rock Band so much, I forgot about decorating!

  3. Same as you! I am very competitive when it comes to gaming too!!! And boy oh boy! That's a wonderful gift!!! And you look great with the guitar and short shorts *winks*

  4. wow!!! i have to agree that's the best gift ever! :D

  5. my sister and i just recently bought band hero... im still not brilliant with the instruments but im doing an awesome job with the singing. (wahahahahah!)

  6. I can totally relate! Everytime my brother and I play video games, I also get so competitive that when I lose, I would sulk for hours. hehehe :P

  7. I don't think it's geek-y at all. Well, either that or I'm a geek myself. Anyway, my hubs and I love video games too. It's good to do activities together, right?

  8. I think the pink tree is fab as it is! :)

  9. Aha! Kindred spirits here! Buy na a Rock Band--it's so much fun! Crickette, at least you can sing awesome, me, well, I can carry a tune but grabe, it's so hard to sing! I'd rather play the guitar!


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