Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy dinner

The great thing about being adults is you can eat anything you want anytime you want. So for dinner, I made breakfast: crispy honey-cured bacon, grilled cheese-and-tomato sandwiches and frothy strawberry yogurt milkshakes.

To make the sandwich, I slathered cream cheese on the slices then put mozzarella cheese for that melt-in-your-mouth goodness. Then I seasoned the tomatoes with a little salt and pepper (just a little!). Threw into the sandwich maker and toasted them to crunchy, gooey, golden perfection.

This dinner is still kinda healthy actually. Many nights, Vince and I pig out on take out. Or chips and candy and ice cream. And lots of Coke! Yep, that's how we keep our skinny figures.

Of course, with the Jelly Bean's imminent arrival, this means I'll have to start making real meals. Ya know, the ones with all the vitamins and minerals, like vegetables and fruits and fish and liver. I'm excited to cook the nutritious stuff and yet part of me is sad that I'll have to give up our crazy dinners soon for the sake of my child's health.

Oh well, we all need to grow up, I guess. Besides, bacon for dinner? At our age? Suicide! Gotta get healthy for the Jelly Bean! If we don't watch it, we'll be suffering from obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and needing to resort to--not just a healthy diet and exercise--but also liposuction and adipex diet pills! Plus, judging by the way the kid's been kicking about in me, our child's going to be a whirlwind of action so we got to get fit and healthy soonest!

UPDATE: Before the health police get their panties all in a bunch, let me just assure you that I was describing our meals before I got pregnant. Since the pregnancy was confirmed, I've been really eating healthy, with the occasional sinful food now and then.


  1. the sandwich looks YUMMY!!!! ...its good that you dont gain weight easily. Ako, i gain weight even by just smelling the food, sigh!

  2. My husband and I feel the same way! Now that our son Laz is 1.4 old, we've resolved to work out and eat right - if not for us, but for our kid! We want to make sure daddy and mommy are around long enough to take care of him especially while he can't take care of himself yet! Nothing like a kid to motivate you to get healthy!

  3. Thank God I chanced upon this blog. I read about your wedding in a back issue of a fashion mag and i thought then that you look so good together. (I'm an incurable romantic!)It's only now that I learned your story. you were wrong- the scene at the 23rd floor of vince's apartment is straight out of a movie scene- only, no scriptwriter could have thought of it. God made the script for you two. Advance happy 3rd anniversary!

    from one blogger to another, cheers!


  4. wow those grilled cheese sandwiches look good. i think i'll make some for breakfast tom

  5. Many days, I eat bacon and toast and yogurt, too, for breakfast and dinner! :) If there was only one kind of food I can eat all my life, that would be the breakfast group. Nagutom ako with your photos, F!



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