Sunday, March 21, 2010

What Tagaytay's 8 Suites is like

For Nikki's wedding a few weeks ago, Vince and I stayed at a little boutique hotel with a quite prosaic name, 8 Suites.
The back of the hotel (the front view looked kinda ordinary). 
Can you see Vince waving?

We were supposed to stay in a hotel in Tagaytay Highlands (the wedding guests get discounts) but one look at the rustic-looking hotel and I looked somewhere else. Nothing against log furniture really but I prefer clean and elegant to organic and shabby.

The hotel sits on the edge of a steep hill that slopes down to Taal Lake. We can see the lake from our room but you have to climb down to the garden if you want to see the volcano.

Vince and me at the garden

And here's our room--all done up in chocolate hues. The rooms are large, with big beds and really fabulous pillows that I wanted to stuff into my suitcase and bring home. No worries--I'm no thief! I never could bring anything from the hotels I've stayed in. And I always fix the room before I leave--fluff up the pillows, fix the sheets, wipe down the bathroom. I know the staff cleans up after every guest leaves but I just can't bear the thought of people thinking, "What a messy bitch!" while I'm on my way home!

Here's breakfast! Quite good but nothing special. What made it great was the fact that we ate it just outside our room, with the fresh breeze and sunshine seasoning our food with extra yumminess. When you live in the middle of Manila, fresh air and sunshine are pure luxury.

I wanted to show you a photo of Vince enjoying his breakfast but the background was bad—the room next to ours had an extremely loud party the night before and they left an awful mess outside their room (you can just see the soda can past Vince's left thumb). So I had to crop out most of the mess.

Aside from the fact you share balconies with other guests, what I didn't like about the hotel was the noise level. You can hear everything--doors slamming, people walking by, the staff talking to each other, and, worse, people partying! I was so angry, I called the front desk to complain only to be told that the offending party was the owner's kid and his/her friends. This, of course, made me angrier! As the owner's kid, he/she should be even more considerate of the hotel's guests. I definitely gave them a piece of my mind and soon enough, the party toned down. Yup, I'm a huge killjoy, folks.

So. much as I liked 8 Suites (the design, the food and the view, although the last isn't their doing), I think that's the last time I'll stay there. They really should fix the noise problem!


  1. Oh thanks for this honest feedback!
    I was just suggesting 8 Suites to my family for our holy week out of town trip. So this is out of the list.

    Hindi ka KJ, you are a paying customer who deserves the best out of her trip. :)

  2. Looks like a nice weekend getaway :) Too bad about the noise level. That's something I could really do without when I'm on vacation.
    I'm glad to note you're looking very happy, Frances!

  3. That's really annoying! Why would the staff tell you that it is the owner's kids & friends? Did he think that will be an excuse? Bad sevice. =/

    BTW, you look lovely in that dress, Frances! =D

  4. Pat, actually, 8 Suites was really nice. What will be nice is if you can book the entire hotel--maybe get your family and relatives so that even if you're noisy, at least you can shush each other up!

    Duni, true true. I already live in a noisy place so a quiet vacation is much appreciated!

    NeuroChiq, exactly!!! Kainis, diba? About the dress, thanks! That's a Kate Torralba =)


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