Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Hot! Hot! Hot!

!'s March issue is out and it's hotter than the weather! Look at that cover—it looks like we slathered testosterone creams on it then set it ablaze! Johnny Depp is my favorite. Yumminess to the extreme. I don't mind David Beckham either as he's just oozing sex.

Now that Robert Pattinson... well, the girls love him so he's there. But I can't stand the guy. He's like John Mayer. I mean, what is up with his interview with Details magazine? He says, "I really hate vaginas. I'm allergic to vagina." Well, thank goodness I don't want him anywhere near mine but I feel really bad for all the girls who love him. Ladies, he hates your vaginas. What are you going to do???

Meanwhile, we do have other testosterone-free stories. We have a big story following Taylor Swift, arguably America's biggest star these days, on her tour bus, backstage, in her dressing room and performing onstage. It's a fab story! We also have a lovely interview with Susan Boyle. She's a charming lady, that Susan. Anyway, lotsa lotsa great stories so I hope you grab a copy!


  1. Rob Pattinson hates V's? He's gay!

  2. hehe i dont believe him,he's either lying or he is not into girls,ill choose lying hehe.but i really like him as edward..other than that he's just another celebrity figure.I love johnny depp more.

  3. Course I will! Jeez Johnny Depp is so yummy :) I like John Mayer's songs but not him. Though my favorite really, is Jason Mraz. Will you ever make a story about him though? =)

    Congrats on another successful ish, F!

  4. I already have this ish - I love the story on Taylor Swift. I liked her in Valentine's Day, I think that was the only part of the movie I liked, haha! (5,6,7, 8!!!) Love Actually rules!

  5. Johnny Depp is the hottest among those 3! No one can top Johnny!


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