Monday, March 08, 2010

Welcome to my new readers!

Blogging for this new year is off to a good start. My visitors are steadily increasing. Hooray!

Here's Nuffnang's report for the last 2 weeks, an average of 518 unique visits a day:

Here's SiteMeter's report for the first three days of March, an average of 535 unique visits a day:
March 1
March 2
March 3

So I'm basically averaging 530 readers a day, and these days the daily visits are actually at 600+. That's a pretty good number, considering that just a little over a year ago, I had about 100 readers. It sure took me a while to get those readers, though! Here's what I did:

1. Make an interesting blog! Good grammar, correct spelling. Lots of photos. Fun topics!
2. Leave good comments on other people's blogs. None of that stupid "Hey, great blog" and "Love your blog" and "Care to exchange links?" nonsense.
3. Promote on Facebook!

Oh man, that was a lot of work and I really just started promoting Topaz Horizon around October 2008. So that's about a year of hard work. Now I usually just do Step 1 because if you make a good blog, people will come back for more and maybe they'll like it enough to tell other people about it.

Thanks for reading, old friends! And to the new folks coming around recently, I hope you like what you read and come back soonest!


  1. I think I can do Steps 1 and 3 but Step 2? It takes a little more time. But i try. Nakakainis nga din yang mga "exchange links" people. Tsaka yung mga SPAM!

  2. Congratulations Frances! That's a good number! :) And I have a feeling the numbers will shoot further up!!!!

  3. All I can say is WOW. But you deserve it! Topaz Horizon is a fun, fun blog, I can't help but visit it every day! :)

  4. "Hey, Great blog!"...kidding! Now, you'll average 53...1 readers per day....Congrats!

  5. You know, I kind of was surprised the first time I read your blog that I hadn't read it sooner. It is light, full of wisdom and inspiring. I think the biggest strength of your blog is because you provide your thoughts on seemingly mundane things. Then they don't sound so mundane anymore. I like the fact that you share a lot of the positive things in your life, too, and for me that is the reason why I always come back and read more.

    Cheers, F! Congrats!

  6. Thanks for reading this blog, guys! Parang friends na tayo =) My goal is 1,000 hits. That's it! Konti na lang...


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